The “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” from The Land of Nod is the Perfect Toy Bin for Willow

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We have tons of toys in our house.  That’s to be expected when you have a nearly five and three year old plus an eight month old.  Since many of Alleigh and Kaelyn’s toys have small pieces all of their toys are kept upstairs in their bedroom where Willow can not get to them.  I had a small basket that I was keeping Willow’s toys in, but it was soon over flowing.  That meant her toys were constantly floating about in the living room, kitchen, and her nursery on a daily basis.  I nelandofnodeded something bigger to hold all her toys that was baby friendly and looked good in my living room.  I found just what I was looking for at The Land of Nod.

If you’re not familiar with The Land of Nod it is truly an awesome store that has literally everything and anything you would need to put together a perfect nursery or kid’s bedroom.  You can browse among so many options of furniture, bedding, storage, décor, toys, gifts, and more.

When I saw the “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” I knew it was the perfect solution for storing Willow’s toys in our living room.

I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter Review

Measuring 30”Wx20”Dx18”H the “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” is plenty big enough to hold all of Willow’s rattles, teethers, plush animals, security blankies, and more.  It is very sturdy due to the the four plastic rods that slide into the corner flaps which are then secured with 2-sided fastener closure.  Retaining it’s shape yet having no sharp corners or edges is what sold me on using this as a toy bin for Willow.  When she begins pulling herself up and walking I won’t have to worry about her injuring herself on the product containing her toys.  It can also be folded flat when not in use by removing the plastic rods, but I highly doubt there will be a need for us to fold it down because it is so useful.  As of now we just toss her toys in to whichever section they end up in, but as she gets older the three divided sections will be perfect sorting different types of toys or for using as a laundry hamper.  I really like the two sturdy handles because they makes it a breeze to carry the sorter around the house to where Willow is playing or later to carry to the laundry room.

I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter ReviewI Think I Canvas Mega Sorter Review

With young kiddos it’s super important that items are easy to keep clean and the “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” fits that requirement.  It is made with durable polyester and lined with PVC lamination so damp or messy items can be contained and easily wipes clean.  Plus there are tons of colors to choose from including khaki, light blue, blue, brown, green, lavender, light green, orange, pink, and red.  Since I wanted the sorter to blend in well with our living room I decided that brown would be the best option for us, but I would have loved to go with something more bright and vibrant.  Perhaps we’ll just have to get another one and at $24.95 each you can’t beat the price!

I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter Review

I definitely recommend the “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” no matter your child’s age…. heck you don’t even need a child to get lots of use out of this awesome bin.  Be sure to browse around the rest of The Land of Nod website to see all of the other great products they have available as well.


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6 Responses to The “I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter” from The Land of Nod is the Perfect Toy Bin for Willow

  1. christy g says:

    This looks awesome! Only $25… Not bad!

  2. Janet W. says:

    This canvas sorter would be great to have! We have a million toys but nowhere to put them when we clean up!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    When I was reading the description I knew there had to be photo of her in it. My boys always emptied out their toy boxes and climbed in, playing the hide and seek game. This item does look really safe, no lid to catch their little fingers!

  4. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I NEED one of these!! My living room is filled with toys, I think this would be cute in my living room!

  5. Wow! I love this bin and need one. I love that it is so big and can hold so many toys. This would be perfect for our toy room. Plus, the boys could easily help clean up when finished playing. Great post!

  6. Laurie P says:

    We definitely need one of these. The size is perfect. Right now we have three small bins that float around the room. Love that this one is canvas, baby girl love to tip her bins, so it’s safe too!

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