Keeping Germs Away With Wet Ones


I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I am so excited that the warm weather has arrived and that summer break is right around the corner.  Looking back on the school year I can’t believe how much knowledge my little five year old has been filled with while attending prekindergarten.  She knows all of her letters in both uppercase and lowercase.  Can write her name.  Can count to about 40.  Has learned about rhyming words.  Recognizes some sight words.  And the list goes on.  I am so proud of all she has learned and accomplished over these months.  She is definitely ready for kindergarten though I may share a tear or two.

Now what have I learned?  Well one thing is that kids love to share germs and that those germs they share like to travel home with the kiddos to infect the rest of the family.  We’ve had these unwanted germy guests visit us numerous times throughout the school year.  True story.

What’s a mom to do?  Well I can tell you what this mom did.  I stocked up on Wet Ones.  Why?  Because their good for way more than just cleaning sticky messy fingers.  Wet Ones are antibacterial and have been proven to be just as effective as gel hand sanitizers in killing 99.9% of germs yet they don’t dry out hands and wipe away dirt at the same time.  When Alleigh jumped in the car after school each day I would have her grab a Wet One out of the canister that was conveniently placed in the car’s cup holder and wipe those germs away before she was allowed to touch her baby sister.  I truly believe that making Wet Ones a part of our daily routine helped to keep the sickness in our home to a minimum and I plan to continue that moving forward.

Some ideas I have for making Wet Ones easily accessible for Alleigh when she enters kindergarten include continuing with the Wet Ones canister in the car routine as well as placing two individually wrapped wipe in her lunch box each day.  Just because she washes her hands before heading into the cafeteria doesn’t mean she won’t touch germy things between the bathroom and opening her lunch box.  She’ll be able to use one to clean her hands before eating and one for afterwards as well.


Hopefully with the help of Wet Ones we can keep those germs out of the house and stay healthy even with Alleigh attending school.  But enough of that… it’s almost summer and so here is a list of twenty-five activities where you might find Wet Ones helpful throughout the coming months…

1.For Sandy Hands at the Beach
2. While Eating in the Car
3. For Sticky Hands at the Ice Cream Truck
4. After Playing in the Kiddie Pool
5. After Seeking Seashells
6. For Sticky Cotton Candy Hands
7. Visiting Concession Stands
8. After Touching Ketchup and Mustard Bottles
9. When you visit “U-Pick Farms”
10. After Catching Worms and Frogs
11. On the Boat after Catching a Fish
12. After Catching Lightning Bugs
13. Playing on the Teeter-Totter
14. During Outdoor Summer Camp
15. For Sticky Hands from Roasting Marshmallows
16. Playing in the Sandbox
17. When You Must Use a Portable Toilet
18. Playing Horseshoes
19. On the Golf Course
20. For Drippy Ice Pop Hands
21. At Amusement Parks
22. While Camping
23. At the Carnival or Fair
24. After Playing Volleyball
25. For Juicy, Sticky Watermelon Hands

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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7 Responses to Keeping Germs Away With Wet Ones

  1. Kids love to share germs! Thank goodness for Wet Ones! :)
    Wet Ones are always on hand for us when we go camping… The kids make such a mess of themselves, but more than that there are always things they get into that I’d rather not think about. Ugh. They’re also perfect for after the bathroom trips… Another huge UGH. lol

  2. courtney b says:

    we live by wet ones! we always have them on hand

  3. Janet W. says:

    We use wet ones all the time. We keep a can in the car so we can wipe our hands after shopping or doing activities.

  4. christy g says:

    Love wet wipes! We keep them in the car :)

  5. Laurie P says:

    we keep them in the car, we also ALWAYS use them on grocery store shopping cart handles too!!

  6. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love wet ones! I always have them in my diaper bag and purse because you never know when you will need them!

  7. shelly peterson says:

    Wet ones are a must have! I love these and dont go anywhere with out them

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