Party Invitations that leave a Big Impression from Tiny Prints {Review & Giveaway}

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Alleigh and Kaelyn talked about their 5th and 3rd birthday party coming up constantly…. literally since their 4th and 2nd party ended, hehe.  All I heard about was how they wanted a princess theme and I kept making mental notes of all the things we would need for the party to be a success.  Then when we were just a few short weeks out from the actual party date I realized I had never sent out invitations.  Eek!

I’m not a fan of the “fill-in-the-blank” party invitations you can get at party stores.  First of all I don’t want to fill in those blanks on a few dozen cards and they just don’t look that pretty (even if you have amazing hand writing) by the time you get halfway through.  Heck my hand would be cramping after just a few invitations since I rarely write with a pen anymore.  Plus I like to add lots of additional information on their cards like driving directions and gift suggestions – writing all that? Ya right!  If you are like me and want high quality invitations that will leave a big impression on the recipients then you definitely will want to check out Tiny Prints.


At Tiny Prints you will find a huge selection of exclusive designs for all your invitation, announcement, and stationery needs.  I love how easy it is to narrow down your search to find exactly what you need.  I began my search in the Baby & Kids Birthday Party Invitations.  I then selected girl birthday invitations and under themes found “princesses & fairytales.”  In just a few seconds I had 31 party invitation possibilities in front of me that would work perfectly for their princess themed 5th & 3rd birthday party.

I love that Tiny Prints has invitations that you can personalize with pictures as well as those without.  I typically always use a picture on birthday invitations and Christmas cards, but since I was on a time crunch and didn’t want to attempt capturing a picture of my birthday princesses together before placing my order I went with a picture-less option – Pink Castle.  I was also excited to see that there were matching address labels which we just had to use.


Tiny Prints has made personalizing their invitations super simple by selecting a text box and editing the font, color, and size.  If you are happy with exactly how the invitation looks when previewing your finished product you can select “ready to print” or if you want to be extra careful select “designer review.”  This is a free service offered by Tiny Prints that ensures your personalized design is flawless with a professional designer reviewing your text, photo(s) and layout.  After you have been working on an invitation for a while things may “look” correct, but a simple mistake may be there that you wouldn’t catch on your own.  I think this is an awesome service and definitely worth adding a day or two to order processing time.

I absolutely loved Alleigh and Kaelyn’s invitations.  Especially since they fit with the theme of their party perfectly.  I’ve already been browsing around on the Tiny Prints website for Willow’s 1st birthday party… can’t believe it’s only a couple months away.  I’m almost certain she will have a ladybug themed party.  Head on over to the Tiny Prints website and see all the exclusive designs to give your party invitations a big impression on their recipients.  But before you do be sure to enter the giveaway below.  One lucky reader is going to win 30 party invites!  Enter using the giveaway tools entry form.


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25 Responses to Party Invitations that leave a Big Impression from Tiny Prints {Review & Giveaway}

  1. I would like the Little Safari for when my son turns one.

  2. christy g says:

    I would use these for my sons first birthday in September!

  3. JLin says:

    My daughter birthday

  4. Kathy S says:

    I would use these for my daughter’s wedding shower.

  5. Joy Newlan says:

    My girls are turning 8 & 6 this august I would love them for that

  6. I think I would use these for Jack’s first birthday next month and I would probably get these: Wispy World: Boy – they are very cute!

  7. Mayla M says:

    I like the just for kicks party invitation. They would be great for my oldest son.

  8. brooke t says:

    Wispy World: Boy

  9. Julie Ghrist says:

    My baby girls first birthday 🙂

  10. Julie Ghrist says:

    I love the Stacked By One
    : Bloom

  11. Lisa Davis says:

    my daughters’ birthday

  12. Anne Perry says:

    my son’s 3rd birthday

  13. Heidi says:

    I would use them for the baby shower I’m throwing my sister! I’m loving the Baby Board: Wasabi baby shower invite.

  14. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I would use these for my son’s 2nd birthday and I LOVE the traveling train!

  15. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the Royal Birthday invitations and I’d use for my granddaughters birthday at the end of July

  16. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the Royal Birthday invitations and I’d use for my granddaughters birthday at the end of July

  17. Aline Grigorian says:

    I’d pick one of the owl designs for my son’s first bday.

  18. Michelle Lee says:

    I’d like the Cheerful Shimmer: Princess for my daughter’s first birthday. 🙂

  19. Bilyy Lana says:


  20. Sarah A. says:

    I would use them for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. I’d pick rainbow bliss.

  21. Janine says:

    little caboose…my son loves trains, so I’m thinking about having a train-themed party.

  22. Lily Kwan says:

    I would use these invitations for my friend’s birthday party. The How We Roll design looks very nice!

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