Walker Meets High Chair with the Joovy Spoon

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We live in a little bungalow.  I love our cozy little house and honestly don’t have a desire for anything bigger, but this also means that it’s important for items to serve multiple functions.  For example our coffee table has storage space inside where we keep blankets.  I needed to take this same approach with baby gear.  If you have a little one then you know how much space all their gear can take up.  I was excited to see that Joovy brilliantly combined a walker and high chair into one aesthetically pleasing product – the Spoon.

Joovy Spoon Review

The Spoon is designed to be used with babies that can sit up unassisted.  It has three height positions and can be used up to thirty pounds or 33.5 inches tall.  I absolutely love the super sized tray because it is perfect for meal time and play time.  The deep lip is wonderful because Willow can’t shove her toys or food off the edge… her arms are still a bit short so she can shove things out of her reach, but it’s much easier to slide them back to her then constantly be picking them up off the floor.  There is also a clear removable insert that can be taken off of the Spoon and easily wiped/rinsed clean – it’s even dishwasher safe for added convenience.Joovy Spoon Review

Babies are no different then adults… their not going to want to sit anywhere for any length of time if their not comfortable.  That’s not a problem with the Joovy Spoon.  The high seat back is soft and padded making it comfortable and supportive.  Willow will happily sit in it for quite long lengths of time while I fold clothes, make dinner, or tend to her big sisters.  I love that even though the seat is soft and comfy it is made of luggage grade tough material(600D) so I know it will last.  Plus it’s machine washable and easy to remove.

Joovy Spoon Review

Willow hasn’t started attempting to walk yet, but when she does I will feel good knowing she is safe in her Spoon.  The ultra-wide base provides strength, stability, and ensures that little fingers won’t get pinched between the tray and wall or other stationary object.  It also has oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads – a baby gate to keep stairs out of reach is still a must.

Joovy Spoon Review

One of my favorite things about the Joovy Spoon is the portability.  It easily folds flat and can then be carried with the convenient handle.  This makes it a breeze to take on vacations, to relative’s homes, or even just outside.  I can guarantee it will be accompanying us on our trip to the beach coming up.  Plus with a small home like ours if we want the Spoon out of sight it can be folded and slid under the crib – so convenient!

Joovy Spoon Review

Sounds awesome, right?  And the price is right at just $99.  Just one piece of baby gear can cost more than that, but the Joovy Spoon is a walker and a high chair!  Willow loves her Spoon and I highly recommend it too.


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11 Responses to Walker Meets High Chair with the Joovy Spoon

  1. Kay M says:

    Oh, I love this! ALMOST makes me wish I had another baby around!

  2. I LOVE that color! And I didn’t know that Joovy made a walker, that’s awesome!

  3. I LOVE that walker. Man, Joovy has such amazing products. I can’t wait to have another baby and try this one out. Thanks for the great review!

  4. christy g says:

    This is wayyy cooler than the one I have. Mine is huge and doesn’t fold down.

  5. Mimi says:

    That is super cute. I love how big the tray is. Looks pretty versatile if you can use it indoors and out! Willow looks like she loves it!

  6. Janet W. says:

    I love it! How nice that it folds flat for storage!

  7. Kelley says:

    Oh my gosh girl, we live in the tiniest house ever. I so know what you mean! I love that this folds up small and has the removeable liner! I hate cleaning the high chair tray!

  8. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    This walker looks awesome!! I love how flat it folds for storage and I love that the fabric part is machine washable!

  9. Laurie P says:

    looks like fun for baby, apparently walkers are not sold in Canada….too bad.

  10. Leela says:

    What a clever idea. We live in a very small house as well, so I’ll have to consider something like this in a few months.

  11. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I wish we would have had this when we were in our old apartment. Now all it need is a couple more toys and it could be a 3 in 1 with activity center or play saucer!

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