Willow Loves Ophelie & Her Chicks!

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It seems like just over night Willow has become more mobile.  She can roll, crawl, sit herself up from crawling, and pull up.  Since she is so much more active now she really enjoys playing with toys and one of her favorites is a Lilliputiens play set that she received from HABA to try out.

Lilliputiens Ophelie & her Chicks

HABA is the exclusive US distributer of Lilliputiens, the land of little wonders, which includes a line of small, fairytale rattles, puppets, and squeakers.  These adorable toys are 100% original from the patterns to fabrics to characters and were designed by a team of five young Belgium mothers that wanted to ensure each toy had it’s own special story.  I absolutely adore Ophelie and her Chicks because it is so much more than just a plush toy.  There are so many different shapes, colors, sounds, and textures that there is always something new for Willow to explore when she plays.

Lilliputiens Ophelie & her Chicks

Mama Ophelie has a jingly rattle inside and her wings are crinkly which is one of Willow’s favorite sounds plus she can hold a chick in her front pouch.  She is also a hand puppet and her large chubby belly perfectly holds the the ball/egg which makes keeping everything together super easy.  The “egg” has four openings which color correspond to Ophelie’s four numbered baby chicks which are finger puppets.  Each chick has a different sound including a cheeping noise, rattle, squeaker, and crinkly.

Lilliputiens Ophelie & her ChicksLilliputiens Ophelie & her ChicksLilliputiens Ophelie & her ChicksLilliputiens Ophelie & her ChicksLilliputiens Ophelie & her Chicks

I really like that this is a toy that will grow with Willow.  Right now she enjoys exploring the different textures and sounds… mainly chewing on everything and shaking it around.  Oh and giggling when mom, dad, and big sisters use Ophelie as a hand puppet, hehe.  But as she gets older it will be fun to watch her figure out how the chicks can fit into the egg which then can fit into Mama Ophelie and eventually learning how the colors match and counting the chicks.  So much fun packed into one adorable high quality hand sewn toy.

Lilliputiens organizes their toys into themed collections which means there are more Ophelie items that I think Willow would really enjoy including a squeaker and cuddle book.  Be sure to check out the HABA website where you can see all of the other Lilliputiens collections.  You might want to also consider following HABA on their social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest where you will find lots of truly engaging interesting content to read and watch.


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6 Responses to Willow Loves Ophelie & Her Chicks!

  1. Jen H says:

    oh my gosh arent they all just so cute? (willow too!) 🙂 I’m planning on getting a bunch of these for gifts this year (and for my lo!)

  2. shelly peterson says:

    These are so cute! Love the colors and that they make sounds. My grandson is about Willows age, I think he would love these too 🙂

  3. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I’ve just recently seen this brand and totally love it! Such vibrant colors and seems to be such well made products.

  4. christy g says:

    Such a cute toy! I am sure my almost 9 month old would love it.

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  6. Nicholle Holycross says:

    This is such a cute toy. Its caught my eye at the toy store before, and its so nice to read a review about a how a real kid likes it!

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