Having a Ball with Tiny Tillia

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“Once upon a time, there was a young mom who wanted the best for her little one. She looked online and in the store, but nothing was pure, cute or fun enough – her child deserved more!  So she searched inside her heart and gave Tiny Tillia its magical start.  Tiny Tillia is a land where kisses grow on trees, giggles sprout like wildflowers and sweet scents fill the air. You won’t find it on the map. But hug your baby and in a snap, the Tiny Tillia bunch will appear with wonderful products and plenty of cheer.”

I am always looking for great toys that are durable, fun, educational, and affordable.  Tiny Tillia by Avon meets all that criteria.  Tiny Tillia is a line that Avon offers that has everything from toys, bath essentials, diaper bags, clothes up to 4T to bedding and room décor.  They even have a line just for pampering mom!  I also love that Tiny Tillia offers through Avon a free registry for expecting moms.  How great is that?

Tiffany Lerman created Tiny Tillia back in 2006 while her youngest son was just a baby after searching high and low for a bath and body line that was not only safe and effective but also a pleasure to use.  She decided to use her imagination and create something entirely unique.  Tiffany is the daughter of best selling author Jackie Collins and it’s that knack for story telling that came in handy during the creation of the Tiny Tillia brand.  She was determined to design a line that conjured up an entire universe of fun and adventure for babies.  She decided to invent Tiny Tillia, a magical place filled with adorable characters that would inspire babies and toddlers to fall in love with bath time. 

In 2006 she introduced a collection of 8 bath and body items that took the baby world by storm.  The products were snapped up faster than the stores could stock them and quickly became a favorite with the Hollywood A-list.  All of this inspired Tiffany to dream of expanding the brand to include clothing, bedding and toys.  So when Avon called and offered Tiffany the opportunity to do just that she jumped at the chance and I know I am so glad that she did.


We reviewed the Tiny Tillia sensory ball. The Tiny Tillia Sensory Ball is 6″ in diameter and has a mirror, a fabric pocket with a crunchy plush inside, a square and round ring for learning shapes, a crinkly flap with Austin Elephant underneath and a plush Duncan Dog hiding in the center!  We have had this sensory ball around our house for 2 years now and it still looks brand new and I am certain we are going to be able to get many more years with this toy.  Both of my boys love pulling the plush Duncan Dog out of the center.  I love the bright stimulating colors and with a baby that is teething everything is able to be chewed on and is secure to the plush ball.  Both of my boys have enjoyed the different textures that the ball offers especially the crinkly plush.  My 2 year old still loves this toy, he shows me the dog and works on his colors using this ball.


My 7 month old loves the sensory ball.  He loves to crawl on the floor and push the ball, or just lay around chewing on the ball.  I would definitely recommend this sensory ball to anyone with young children. On  Avon’s website you can purchase the Tiny Tillia sensory ball for $18.00 but right now it is on sale for $12.99 while supplies last. Add the sensory ball to your cart on Avon.com and keep shopping around the site for other great deals because Avon.com is always orders of $30 or more ship free!

With Christmas coming up here are a few other items from Tiny Tillia that I think Santa might be bringing this year.  The Halloween matching game, the plush tool box and the Mix and match bath tiles just to name a few.  So what are you waiting for hurry over to Avon.com many items are on sale right now and who doesn’t love a great sale.


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5 Responses to Having a Ball with Tiny Tillia

  1. Awe these sound like great products that I would like for my kiddos and that ball looks like super fun for a little one! Thanks for sharing this great info 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Those toys look so great for little ones! Avon is such a trusted company and love they’re going in this direction!

  3. shelly peterson says:

    I have never heard of Tiny Tillia before, but sounds like a great line of products. This sensory ball looks super cute, my grandson would love it. I will have to check them out.

  4. Jennifer Young says:

    Those toys are just darling! I love the bowling pins, so very cute!!

  5. JR Frugalmom says:

    Oh, I love these. I can just see how my little one would have so much fun studying all the different patterns and textures.

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