Brilliant Sky Toys & Books – It’s Not Your Average Toy Store!

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Imagine this: It’s been a terribly long week filled with kids’ games, school activities, work, and lots of other activities. Saturday morning finally rolls around and you remember that birthday party that your kiddo is invited to at 1 today… and you have no gift. What do you do? If you’re like me, you stop at the store on the way to the party to get that perfect, hopefully on-sale, whatever-is-left-on-the-shelf, and possibly age-appropriate gift. And when you reach the checkout line, you remember to go back and grab the giftwrap and a card. And should you be so lucky, you arrive only 5 minutes late and quickly wrap the gift in the birthday boy’s driveway.

Or is that just me? Nah, I doubt it.

Lucky for us, I have the perfect solution. Meet Brilliant Sky Toys & Books!


Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is an upscale franchise chain toy store that specializes in high quality toys and books for children. Based on the belief that the right playthings give children a gateway to physical, emotional, and cognitive development, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books provides the highest quality products in an atmosphere that is both active and interactive. They are quickly expanding and gaining recognition for the types of toys they provide and the awesome customer service that comes with the shopping experience.


Remember the scenario I presented at the beginning? Brilliant Sky Books & Toys is the answer! They offer a unique concierge style service where they can select the perfect gift for your needs, provide complimentary gift wrapping, and have it ready for you to pick up at a moment’s notice. So that Saturday afternoon birthday party? All I have to do next time is call Brilliant Sky with the age, gender, price range, and pick up time, and they will be waiting on me with the perfect gift wrapped and ready to go! No more last minute shopping trips, forgetting the gift wrap, or wrapping in the driveway!

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books creates their own annual Brilliance Awards to help their customers find that perfect gift. They pick the top 12 toys of year that run on brainpower, wonder, and imagination. Each of these toys highlights the importance of quality, the value of open-ended play, and the simple beauty of a child’s fascination and delight. Some of this year’s winners are: the Deluxe Wooden Art Easel by Melissa & Doug, Gobblet Gobblers by Blue Orange, How Big Is The Lion? My First Book of Measuring by Workman, and the Adventure Treehouse by International Playthings.

We were lucky enough to get to try out one of the Brilliance Awards winners, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Art Easel.


So next time you’re looking for a unique toy that runs on brainpower, wonder, and imagination (or maybe you’ve just remembered that birthday party in a few hours!), try Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.

Visit them at to find one of their 15 locations that is closest to you!


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4 Responses to Brilliant Sky Toys & Books – It’s Not Your Average Toy Store!

  1. Rachel says:

    I can see this being perfect for younger children, but older kids get a little more particular about what they like, in my opinion. For younger kids, this sounds like a great idea….especially for parents with the motto “time is money”!

  2. I agree. Right now, my boys are the perfect age for this since any toy is the perfect toy right now :-). I do wish I had a Brilliant Sky near me since I had one of those last minute toy for a birthday party hunt yesterday!

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow, this sounds like an amazing service, I wish i had one near me!

  4. Tara says:

    There isn’t any store near me, but it looks like a great place. I just wanted to say your not the only mommy who forgets the present until it’s time to go. I do it all the time. But forget wrapping it, just throw it in a gift bag and be done. 🙂

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