Homemade Baby Food Made Simple by Munchkin {Review & Giveaway}

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Munchkin has a simple mission statement – “To rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight families – making parenting safer, easier and more fun.” Munchkin was founded in 1991 on the premise that it could anticipate and serve parents’ needs by developing uncomplicated baby products that make parenting and life easier and more enjoyable. Over the years, they have developed technology such as the white hot technology where the spoon turns white when the food is hot that has changed feeding babies by making it safer. Munchkin has teamed up with companies such as Arm and Hammer and Nickelodeon, to improve and expand their product lines. They have won numerous awards and the CEO Steve Dunn and his father, David Dunn was featured in fortune magazine in 2002 for Munchkin’s success.


When I was pregnant with our first son Corbin I knew that I wanted to make his baby food. I wanted to give him the most nutritional and healthy food that I possibly could. Another reason was I love to save money, and well if I can save a little and give my child really healthy food at the same time I am in. I know some people may think that making baby food has to take hours of time out of your day, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It takes mere minutes and Munchkin has come through for the mom’s out there that make their own purees by making it even easier and faster which I didn’t think was even possible.

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We had the opportunity to try out the Fresh Feeding line which is a three step process that takes you from chopping and steaming to storage of the puree.  Steaming the vegetables or fruit is the first step. The 2 in 1 chopper and steamer chops with a single hand motion and steams quickly in the microwave. It consists of six BPA free pieces; the chopper arm, stainless steel cutting blade, steamer and storage lid, three cup capacity steamer basket, base and cleaning tool. The stainless steel cutting blades easily dice the food into small pieces that are the perfect size for little ones who are starting to become a bit independent in their feeding. The sliding lid converts from chopper to vented steamer for the microwave and then if you are not ready to feed the lid slides easily into a storage position.


When I first tried this chopper and steamer I used an apple. I was surprised at how fast I was able to chop two apples. The chopper handle pushes very easy to get the food through the cutting blades. Then to steam, I just removed the handle and the cutting blade which simply pops out, added two tablespoons of water, slid the lid into the vent position then placed in the microwave. The instruction booklet that comes with the chopper has a handy little chart that gives you the approximate steaming times of common foods.


Plus cleanup is so easy.  A little tool that looks like a comb fits right in all those nubs on the handle part that push the food through the blade. I washed everything by hand and had no problems getting all of the bits of food removed. However, it is dishwasher safe if you prefer.

After you have steamed the food you are ready for the second step – the fresh food grinder which is my new favorite tool.  In the past I have used other means of mashing food for purees including the mini food processor, the big kitchen blender, another name brand baby food blender and while they all get the job done they are bulky, hard to clean and are not at all portable. This little grinder requires no batteries or electricity! Plus it is portable and super easy to clean. I love that with this grinder I can toss it in the diaper bag to take it with us to our parent’s homes and grind up whatever we are eating for dinner. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up that is a HUGE plus for us. This does come with instructions and on the munchkin website you can download a PDF of the instructions if you ever misplace them.  You can even download recipes to use in your grinder.


The grinder comes apart in three pieces and the blade assembly comes apart very easily for cleaning. To use simply insert the blade assembly into the green part of the grinder and fill with food pieces.  Next insert the blue base part in and turn the handle – easy peasy.  Before you know it you will have a yummy puree. Since I am used to using blenders it was a little bit of a change for me that you can only do small portions at a time in the grinder. I am used to doing large batches at once and freezing. I will add that the pieces of food do need to be fairly small and soft to go through the grinder. I have done numerous fruits and vegetables and the only food that I personally haven’t been able to grind is meat. I have read on the Munchkin website that others can get meat to go through and the instruction booklet also states this. I am therefore certain that it is just a matter of playing around with my cooking methods to get the meat to be softer and then it should go right through. With all of that being said I love this grinder. It is so portable and easy to use that I see us taking this many places while we are in the puree stage.

The fresh food feeder also came packaged with the grinder.  This is a wonderful thing to have so that you can easily introduce delicious food to your baby without a choking risk. You can put fruit, vegetables or meat into the mesh feeder and then your child can chew or suck and enjoy the food with only tiny digestible pieces coming through. This is great when the kids are teething – place a semi frozen slice of fruit (we love peaches) in the fresh food feeder and it will sooth their gums. To use open the feeder, place the piece of food in, and close.  I was worried with the mesh that it would be difficult to clean well but it hand washed very easily and quickly.


The final step is storage. We tried the click lock fresh food freezer pops which makes six homemade frozen pops that are ideal for fresh fruit purees. They feature easy to hold handles and drip proof trays. An awesome feature is that you can separate the trays for easy freezer storage and they are BPA and phthalate free.


We made apple juice pops but later I did try using some strawberry puree and those were very yummy. To make the pops simply fill with juice or puree then pop the tops on and freeze. So simple yet so yummy!


I love that these are a treat that mom and dad can enjoy as well as the kids. The pops are a nice smaller size for little ones. They remove very easily from the tray once frozen and the trays hand wash easily but are top rack dishwasher safe. I see us using these all year long. During the summer I am envisioning all sorts of yummy flavored pops and then when we hit flu season they will be perfect for little sore throats and fevers.


These were definitely Corbin approved and as a mom I approve any way that gets more fruits and vegetables in my kids easily.  You can find more information and order your favorite products on the Munchkin website.  Plus one lucky reader is going to win one of the awesome products mentioned above – winner’s choice of either Fresh Food Chopper & Steamer, Grinder, or Freezer Pops.  To enter fill out the giveaway tools form below.  Good luck!


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41 Responses to Homemade Baby Food Made Simple by Munchkin {Review & Giveaway}

  1. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I think the Chopper Steamer is something I would be using everyday.

  2. Stephanie Hansen says:

    I’m most interested in the chopper/steamer.

  3. Shannon Gould says:

    They all look great but the chopper/steamer would be the most useful!

  4. Shannon Gould says:

    They all look great but the chopper/steamer would be the most useful!

  5. Ashley H says:

    I like the chopper/steamer the best

  6. Julia says:

    I think we would like the fresh food feeder best for us. It looks like it would be really helpful.

  7. Beth R says:

    The chopper/steamer would be nice. I definitely need something to speed up the process

  8. megan s says:

    Chopper steamer

  9. Katie O'Brien says:

    I would most like to win the fresh food feeder because my little one is teething like crazy and I think she would like these.

  10. Janet W. says:

    I’d most like to win the freezer pops because my grandson loves popsicles and this way I can make my own without a bunch of sugar products!

  11. Paol Trenny says:

    I like the 2 in 1 chopper and steamer chops because of its simplicity. I love an all in one product that gets the job done

  12. maria c says:

    I am most interesting in the chopper/steamer. It would be the most useful.

  13. Sirena Davenport says:

    I think the chopper/ steamer would be most useful. I would love to make my own baby food!

  14. Mayla M says:

    I would like the freezer pop trays the best. Then my older boys could share with their little brother.

  15. christine jessamine says:

    i would love the fresh food grinder

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