Introducing the Bummis Simply Lite One Size Wrap {Review & Giveaway}

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Have you seen the joke about the cloth diaper mommas? It goes something like this: Q. How do you know a mom uses cloth diapers? A: She’ll tell you. I laughed the first time I read it, but then my husband looked at me and said, “Yep, that’s you.”

Well I say if the shoe fits, I’m going to wear it.

And my new shoe? The brand new Bummis Simply Lite!


I was so excited for the chance to review this new diaper cover from the well-known brand Bummis. In our home, we have used other Bummis covers with prefolds, but we’ve always wished they had a one-size cover to use from birth through potty training. Finally, Bummis has listened and brought us a one-size, lightweight, easy-clean cover.


The Simply Lite has so many great features that make it very functional for our family. In addition to being one-size and fitting from 8-35 lbs, the material of the Simply Lite is awesome. Although it’s completely waterproof and wipe clean on the inside, the whole cover is stretchy, so it creates a perfect fit every single time you put it on baby (while still keeping a trim profile). It has high quality, soft elastic around both legs, the tummy, and the back to further ensure that perfect fit. They included an additional waterproof panel on the tummy portion for those belly-sleeping heavy wetters. The panel is also great to use with a trifolded prefold tucked under to help keep it in place.


To field test the Simply Lite, we put it first on the Little. Ezra is 9 weeks old and weighs in around 13 lbs. Because the material is so stretchy, I was able to do a tighter fit on the smallest rise setting or a looser, yet still snug, fit on the medium rise setting. Either way, the elastic was still snug but not too tight around his legs and waist, and will easily accommodate a single prefold or a bulkier fitted with a perfect fit.


To test the opposite end of the spectrum, we tried the Simply Lite on the Middle. Reese is almost 2 years old and right at 30 lbs. We were able to open the wrap up to the largest setting (unsnapped) and it still fit him perfectly, with room to expand another snap around the waist.


There were two minor details we wished were a bit different, but the fit of the Simply Lite still outweighs them. First, we aren’t huge fans of the tag on the inside front belly panel (my boys tend to have sensitive skin) and we may end up removing it. Second, I do wish it came in a hook and loop option. I know many families prefer snaps for durability, but I joke that my amazing super dad husband has snap phobia (even if I’m rotating two snap covers, once he does a diaper change I always have a hook and loop cover sneak its way in!).

However, the Bummis Simply Lite has still become my favorite cover of all time. For real. It’s my new go-to cover because no matter how I’m using it, the fit is amazing, and I’ve not had a single leak (impressive with my super-pee-er boys!). As an added bonus, the Simply Lite is manufactured in North America, free of lead, phthalates, and BPA, and they use locally manufactured fabrics whenever possible. Also be sure to check out the Bummis Simply Lite adorable bright colors and patterns.

Jealous about my new shoe now? You should be… but better yet, you can have one too! Enter below to win one of your own Bummis Simply Lite one-size covers! Good luck!


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80 Responses to Introducing the Bummis Simply Lite One Size Wrap {Review & Giveaway}

  1. Kristi M. says:

    I’d choose the Ocean colour; it’s so vibrant and fun!

  2. Mayla M says:

    I like the Denim Dot print. I like that cloth diapers are better for the environment.

  3. I would choose Denim Dot. I’ve been trying to branch out with some more prints (I have a lot of solid colors).

    I like that I don’t have to keep buying diapers or diaper supplies. I already have everything I need!

  4. stephanie mcfarland says:

    i have not tryed cloth diapering have heard really good things. i would also choose denim dot 🙂

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