On the Move with B. Toys Walkness Monster

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At a little over 14 months old Willow is really getting to a fun age when it comes to playing with toys.  She especially enjoys anything on wheels that she can push around and balls.  So if you can put those two concepts together then you are practically golden.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon a toy at B. Toys that I just knew she would love.


At B. Toys they create toys that inspire individuality.  The look, feel, and function are inspired by the world around them whether it be Peruvian textiles, childhood, New England foliage, or a pretty bar of soap.  At B. Toys their goal is to be bigger than a toy company.  They want to be to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.

Willow was so excited when she saw the picture of her new B. Toys Walkness Monster on the box that she wanted it opened up right now!


Upon opening the box I was so excited to see that there were no screws, nuts, or bolts included.  In fact there were simply three main pieces that all snapped together.  Absolutely no tools needed.  Within minutes everything was put together and we were ready to play.


The Walkness Monster is designed for children 10 months to 4 years old.  All of the edges are curved and rubberized making it very safe if a tumble were to happen.  However, the base is very wide making this a very stable walking toy that is very unlikely to tip over.  Willow has crawled over and used it to support all of her weight while pulling up to a standing position and I was very pleased to see it stay in a completely upright position.


I love how visually appealing it is as well.  The molded pattern on the basket make it beautiful to look at and interesting to touch.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous – especially the dual colored balls when swirling around the tub.  Speaking of those balls – nine are included.  My hubby asked how long I thought it would be before they were all missing and I had an answer for him.  There is a little door that can be shut which keeps the balls inside the basket for storage when the toy is not being played with – pretty smart!


And as you can see Willow absolutely loves playing with her Walkness Monster.  She has been pushing it all around the living room – it rolls easily on both the wood floor and our area rug.  This just might be what she needs to start walking independently…. though there is no rush on that, hehe.


But as much as she loves pushing it around I think her favorite part is the colorful balls.  She really enjoys picking them up and placing them in either the tub directly or in the opening on the handle bar then watching them swirl around.  She seems shocked every time they disappear inside the basket and magically reappear in the tray below.  It’s so fun to watch her play.


I can definitely see this toy getting many years of play and Willow might even share with her big sisters, hehe.  If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the little one in your life that is just starting to walk or has a fascination for balls like my Willow Jean then you can’t go wrong with the Walkness Monster.  You can find it and more B. Toys at Target.


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3 Responses to On the Move with B. Toys Walkness Monster

  1. I love it! My kids are getting a bunch of B. Toys this year, but I never thought of this one. Elliette is just starting to get steady on her feet and take steps, so this would be perfect for her! I’m so glad I saw this (and Willow is the cutest!)

  2. shelly peterson says:

    My grandson would absolutely love this toy. I love that its so easy to put together.

  3. Matza says:

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