Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 14 Weeks

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Watch Willow GrowAfter some thought I have decided to continue the weekly Watch Willow Grow updates.  I love being able to look back on these journals and see how she has changed and when she learned to do new things.  Hopefully you enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures just as much.  If you’ve been reading them for a year then I suppose you do, hehe. And so welcome to the second year of Willow’s life…


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Sleeping:  Last night Willow woke up about midnight to eat which happened to be the time Dustin got home from work.  She was nursing and was almost back to sleep when he walked through the door…. as soon as she saw him her eyes lit up and she was NOT going back to sleep.  And so she sat on her daddy’s lap for nearly an hour before falling back asleep.  Crazy baby.

Eating: If you don’t want to share your pop tart with Willow I recommend eating it somewhere that she can not see or hear you.  Otherwise that munchkin is gonna book it to wherever you are and demand some for herself.

Places She Went:  It was another rather boring week…. we did go to Alleigh’s school for their book fair where we got a new Skippyjon Jones book.

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4 Responses to Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 14 Weeks

  1. joanna garcia says:

    aww so true about kids when they see daddy my girls do the same thing! i love seeing these pictures! super cute!

  2. shelly peterson says:

    Love the pics! All 3 girls are just adorable! The Rudolph is so cute too.

  3. Sunny says:

    My boys are obsessed with pop tarts! I totally have to hide them when I eat them!

  4. Beth R says:

    I love the picture of her with Rudolph! It looks like they are talking to each other. The pop tart cracks me up

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