Babywear the Safe Way with Boba

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I’m a Boba Ambassador. I participate in Boba events and online conversations, and receive thank you gifts for my participation, but all opinions and experiences expressed are my own.

Babywearing is becoming ever more popular, and for good reason too! What was once seen as a hippie dippie practice has now become much more mainstream as the incredible benefits of babywearing have been brought to light in recent years. One awesome company, Boba, is a driving factor in the growing babywearing lifestyle.


Babywearing is an amazing opportunity to create a firm bond and attachment with your baby, all while carrying on with the hustle and bustle of our crazy busy lives. It allows you to stay connected while being hands free at the same time, always keeping baby safe and in eyesight. In fact, babies that are carried cry less, sleep better, are happier, and become independent faster, all through simple babywearing bonding.

One of the best ways to further that amazing bond while staying connected at the closest level is by being sure to always carry your baby facing inward toward you. Boba has been a leader in the facing inward movement and is actually the only company that exclusively sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward at all times.


By always facing inward, babies and parents can form an attachment in a healthy way that prevents hip dysplasia (a condition where the bones of the hip joints are not aligned correctly) and encourages other healthy body regulation. Hip dysplasia forms when babies are not carried correctly and undue stress is placed on the leg and hip joints from lack of support. This lack of support comes from dangling legs that pull on the hip joint when carried in an outward facing position (Boba provides foot straps for kiddos whose legs are longer to prevent dangling while facing inward). Inward facing insures that the baby’s back, your back, and the baby’s pelvis are in a more natural, safe alignment. Inward infants also have better physiological regulation of things like heart rate, breathing patterns, and body temperature.


Inward facing increases the emotional bond with your baby by keeping your face visible, your body warmth present, and preventing overstimulation. It allows baby to explore their surroundings at their own pace, while meeting your eyes, face, or burying into your chest if they need a break. And by keeping their face visible, you can easier respond to cues like rooting, notice spit up, and ensure their airway is open. Plus, it allows for verbal and facial communication at all times.


Check out my Safe Babywearing Pinterest board to see more pictures and resources about safe babywearing and inward facing practices.

So go out and wear those babies (and toddlers… and preschoolers) more often! Keep them facing inward and close to your heart, giving them both the physiological and psychological benefits of babywearing. Make sure to check out Boba’s line of carriers, all focused on keeping those babes inward, safe, and convenient to keep close!


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3 Responses to Babywear the Safe Way with Boba

  1. Beth R says:

    We love our Boba carrier! I love that I can see them and I agree it does definitely increase bonding. They feel safe when they can see you and I just love being able to look into those little eyes whenever I want.

  2. shelly peterson says:

    I loved using baby carriers. I never liked carrying them in the back though., I dont like that I cant see their face. Thanks for all the info.

  3. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    I’m a new mama-to-be and didn’t realize that you shouldn’t babywear with the baby facing out. Thanks for the tip!

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