Choo Choo! All Aboard the Power Trains Log Loader Express {Review}

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Every year at Christmas my brother-in-law sets up a train set around the Christmas tree. Most are quite simple, ran by a power cord that’s attached, and are just a simple circle or oval track. This year, I drew his name in the Christmas exchange and knew a train would be perfect for him, but I wanted something more than just the average oval shaped electric train set. That’s where the Power Trains Log Loader Express from Jakks Pacific came in.


The Log Loader Express is a fully packed bundle for the toy train lover. Instead of en electric track or a cord that has to run to the train, Power Trains have an exclusive motorized engine car that can be controlled wireless from the battery-operated remote. From the controller, you can make the train go forward and backward at different speeds. So no matter where the Christmas tree is set up this year, he will always have full control of the train from wherever he is sitting.


I let the boys try out their uncle’s new train set (shhhh!) for a little bit the other day so we could really see how the Power Trains brand is different. They loved the intricate detail and life-like look to all of the train pieces, but Aiden really liked the Log Loader building and tools. The Log Loader Express came with miniature wooden logs that you could actually pick up with a real log loader. He liked to pick them up, load them onto a ramp, and then use the forklift tractor to load them into a semi.


Reese loved playing with the tracks. They were pretty easy to snap together, although with our carpet they didn’t want to stay too well (I would suggest playing with the set on a hard surface floor). He put together a few different combinations of tracks, and with more than 15 feet, he had endless options. There were instructions on how to put the track together as shown on the box too. He kept rearranging the 3 included train cars and 2 log carriers, and was fascinated how they connected together just like real trains do. The engine car even has a working headlight and will run on or off the track.


The Log Loader Express is the perfect train set for the train enthusiast who doesn’t want a basic, non-detailed set, but doesn’t quite want the expensive model cars either. It’s fitting for both my boys and their uncle (who will probably play with the trains even more than they would!). Plus all of the Power Trains playsets are compatible, so your collection can easily grow and connect together.


The Power Trains Log Loader Express playset from Jakk’s Pacific has a price point of $49.99, which fits perfectly in our $50 gift exchange criteria, and makes a really nice gift. Check them out to see lots of other compatible Power Trains playsets, pieces, and accessories for that train enthusiast on your Christmas list this year!


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3 Responses to Choo Choo! All Aboard the Power Trains Log Loader Express {Review}

  1. Laurie P says:

    Great looking set! My boy was all about trains at one point years ago. He’s 15 now, but I know he’d play with one again in a heart beat. We usually have one under the tree every year, except with a 16 month old running around, tearing things up, we skipped it this year….maybe next year my boy will enjoy setting it up for his baby sister 🙂

  2. Rachel N says:

    My boys got a wooden track train set for Christmas that they have been really enjoying. This would probably wow them, it looks really nice.

  3. Beth Rees says:

    Those are so fun! I know my boys would have a hard time giving this away! They are obsessed and the fact that you can load the train would be even better

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