Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review & Giveaway

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As a mom of three with limited space, I always look for baby gear items that can be easily and compactly stowed away when not in use. And as a mom of three, any items that can assist with entertaining the littles for a bit while I get things done is such a big help. So the brand new Take-Along Bouncer by Tiny Love is just what I need! It’s the perfect, easy-to-carry infant seat for home, outdoors, and travel all in one.


The bouncer came directly out of the box ready to be used with no assembly required- only unfolding (which always makes a momma happy!). I literally just opened the box, slid it out, and unfolded the seat.


One of the differences I noticed right away when putting Ezra in the bouncer was how up-right he was sitting. It was the perfect angle to have face-to-face interaction with him ,and he wasn’t in a laid back position like he has been in other bouncers. It’s easy for him to look around at everything and stay content while I get some housework done. Even with Ezra’s almost 15 lbs of weight, the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer stayed almost as up-right as when empty, but provided lots of bounce back when he kicked his legs.


The second time I put Ezra in the bouncer he spit up all over it (of course!). I was totally blown away by how simple it was to remove the fabric and throw it in the wash. It kept its shape nicely after drying and was a snap to put back onto the frame. The fabric is very thick and durable, and I feel like it will hold up for a long time. I also like that the sides of the seat are a heavy-duty mesh that will help keep baby cool when outside in the summer.


As I mentioned before, I definitely need baby gear that can almost disappear when not in use. It also helps if it can be portable and travel with Ezra to family when I have to work, which is why the Take-Along Bouncer is perfect for our needs.

To fold it down, the steps are a breeze.
1. Press the button down in the front.
2. Push in the front of the bouncer.
3. Turn the lock on the back.
4. Let the bouncer fold in the rest of the way on its own.


Once folded down, the bouncer is compact and flat, and slides into the included shoulder carry bag for travel.


I’m very impressed with the quality and compact size of the Take-Along Bouncer, and I’m super excited about taking it with us to Disney World next week since it will hardly take up any room in the van. I’m sure you would love to try it out too, which is why we’re hosting a giveaway for the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer. One lucky reader will have one of their own to use, carry, and travel with. Just fill out the Giveaway Tools entry form below to enter.  Good luck!


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39 Responses to Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review & Giveaway

  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I love that it’s so easy to grab, fold and take it along wherever you go

  2. Monica P says:

    I love how portable it is!

  3. Mayla M says:

    I love that it comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

  4. JLin says:

    easy to carry

  5. I like how easy it is to take down and carry

  6. maria c says:

    I love that it’s so easy to carry. Thank you for this giveaway.

  7. Keara B. says:

    I love that the cover is removable and washable! I hate having to spot-clean spit-up… I’d much rather just throw it in the washing machine. 🙂

  8. Jen H says:

    I love how it folds! great for trips when you’ll need a safe place for baby but dont want to schlep the pack n play!

  9. My favorite thing is that its a simple fold and go! This is an amazing feature for when on the go and would be amazing to have around holidays and special events

  10. Kerry G. says:

    That it folds into a carry bag!

  11. christine jessamine says:

    I love that this is light and folds easily!

  12. naomi c says:

    that it is take along 😉 – and easy too!

  13. Denise Taylor says:

    Love the size!! Being able to take it along would be fabulous!

  14. Heidi says:

    The carry along bag makes it look so convenient to take anywhere!

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