Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 15 Weeks

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Watch Willow GrowAfter some thought I have decided to continue the weekly Watch Willow Grow updates.  I love being able to look back on these journals and see how she has changed and when she learned to do new things.  Hopefully you enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures just as much.  If you’ve been reading them for a year then I suppose you do, hehe. And so welcome to the second year of Willow’s life…


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Sleeping:  I really think Willow must have some more teeth about to pop through because sleep has rather sucked this week.  Even when I have brought her to bed with me she just tossed, turned, and fussed.  Ugh.

Eating: Munchkin is on a nursing spree.  All she wants to do right now is nurse and she is biting me a lot.  Yet another hit that more teeth are on the way.

Places She Went:  This week was Thanksgiving and so we visited lots of family.  We also went to a craft show.

Milestones:  Willow is starting to walk a lot more.  She is now taking about five to six steps at a time, but only does it when she thinks we aren’t looking.  As soon as she sees someone watching her she plops down and starts crawling.

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5 Responses to Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 15 Weeks

  1. shelly peterson says:

    So precious! Love the snow pictures, her snowsuit is so cute. Does she leave the Christmas tree alone? my grandson is 16 months and we have to constantly get after him lol

  2. courtney b says:

    so cute, i love the name willow. very unique

  3. Beth Rees says:

    Look at all that snow! Oh I am not ready for that!
    I hear you about the nursing sprees lately. We are having one and he just can’t seem to get enough. Hopefully the growth spurt ends soon

  4. Brandi Dawn says:

    She is an absolute doll. Not only will these journals be great for you to look at but for future generations to come as well. This is such a great idea.

  5. What adorable little girls you have! I love the name Willow, we actually were considering it for our new baby before we decided on Violet.

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