Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 19 Weeks

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Watch Willow GrowAfter some thought I have decided to continue the weekly Watch Willow Grow updates.  I love being able to look back on these journals and see how she has changed and when she learned to do new things.  Hopefully you enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures just as much.  If you’ve been reading them for a year then I suppose you do, hehe. And so welcome to the second year of Willow’s life…


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Sleeping:  Sleep has been pretty consistent.  Willow has been sleeping in her crib from about 9pm to 2am-ish and then waking to nurse.  I’ve just been bringing her back to bed with me…. just easier that way.

Eating:  Tonight we had tacos… Willow loves tacos!  She especially loves sticking her fingers in the sour cream and then licking them, hehe.  She has also been nursing a lot this week.  She hasn’t felt the greatest which naturally leads to lots more nursing than normal.

Places She Went:  Well this week was Christmas which meant we were here, there, and everywhere visiting family.  Willow did great the whole time.  She walked all around and let family hold her and played.  It was a great time….. until mama & daddy came down with food poisoning.  Blech.

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