How to Decorate Your Home with Modern Chairs {Guest Post}

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So you’ve just updated your home with a modern decorating aesthetic. Or maybe your home still has a more traditional style, but you want to incorporate some modern elements to add interest.  Whatever the case, you’ve got some major choices to make—including what kind of chairs you want to incorporate.

Although we don’t always think about it, seating is one of the most important aspects of our home.  Chairs and couches draw our eyes and tie rooms together. The right seating will encourage friends and family to gather in a certain space, and seating that isn’t as comfortable or well laid out can make a room much less inviting.

There’s no surefire trick to find the best modern chairs for your home, and it largely comes down to personal taste. However, if you don’t even know where to begin, take a look at these tips for picking out modern chairs that you’ll love.

Don’t fear the bold prints. When some people decorate their home, they shy away from large, bold patterns because they worry that those prints with either clash with other prints or make the room look tacky. However, well-chosen prints can add a touch of elegance and interest to any room. The trick is knowing how to temper them. It’s okay to use different patterns in the same room, but try to choose complementary colors or a general theme. You should also incorporate wide swaths of solid color— think curtains or a couch—to keep the room from looking too busy.

Give your home the royal treatment. By adding jewel tones, that is. Chairs in rich, jewel tones add a nice pop of color to rooms that currently have a more neutral color scheme. They also look good in rooms with a lot of dark colors because they help to brighten the space.


Try the minimalist approach. Minimalism is a design aesthetic favored in a lot of modern homes.  Straight lines, furniture with a basic design, and a limited color palette can help you capture this look for yourself. If you don’t like the sound of bold prints or jewel tones, consider going with a black and white color scheme for your chairs. All-black chairs create a nice silhouette, but all-white chairs may brighten the room, and then there’s always the possibility of chairs with both black-and-white elements. Even if your color palette is limited, your options aren’t.


Celebrate the miracles of modern design with Breuer chairs. Chairs have come a long way in the last couple centuries. Sure, the idea behind them is the same—but designers and engineers have come up with plenty of improvements. Breuer chairs like the one’s seen here from Seats and Stools are a particularly good example of an innovative design; these minimalist chairs don’t take up much space, are lightweight, and have a sleek design. These chairs could fit well in just about any area of your home, but they tend to go particularly well in dens or home offices.

Lounge on an S-shaped recliner. Speaking of modern innovations, what better way is there to lounge in style than in an S-shaped recliner? These chairs work with your body and let you lean back while you’re putting your legs up, making them perfect for late-night reading sessions or a movie night with the family. Some of these S-shaped recliners can even convert into a bed, a feature that’s particularly popular with kids.

Look for interesting silhouettes. S-shaped recliners are one way to give your room an interesting silhouette, but you can also look for things like bamboo side chairs or even tall bar stools to add a modern geometric touch to your home.

Opt for alternative seating. Like to entertain? If you tend to have lots of guests over but always run out of seats, you might consider some alternative seating options, like benches, ottomans, or Moroccan poufs. All these elements can look good in a living room area and also become extra chairs in a pinch.

Mix the past and the present. Don’t be afraid to play around with both modern design and vintage elements. For example, if you’re decorating a room with wood-paneling or a lot of traditional elements, you could incorporate a sleek, sculpted plastic chair. You might also decide to go with chairs that look vintage but have a slightly modern twist, whether that’s in its color, shape, or minor details.

Because modern chairs come in such a wide range of styles, there are great options for everyone, whether you prefer a classic look or want to make a bold statement. When you’re choosing chairs, go for the ones that match your personal design aesthetic and will make you and your family feel the most at home.


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4 Responses to How to Decorate Your Home with Modern Chairs {Guest Post}

  1. Rachel N says:

    An s shaped recliner sounds neat, I will have to look them up.

  2. Laurie P says:

    We recently moved, and an extra chair for seating would be handy in our large living room. Something modern, a bold color. I’m a little curious about the S recliners too!

  3. Davey says:

    Some really nice tips there Danielle. Can’t wait to apply some of them at my home!

  4. Sonam says:

    Yes it is true that modern chairs can enhance a home beauty. Thanks for sharing these tips. I must apply these at my home.

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