Save & Store Every Last Drop with Milkies {Milk-Saver & Freeze Review}

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I’ve been breastfeeding one child or another for just about the last 4 years of my life. I sometimes feel like it’s all I do- at work, at home, when talking with friends.

But then in those sweet moments of just myself and my nursling, in the quiet of the night, and the knowledge that I alone am the one giving them the nourishment to sustain life, it’s all worth it.

Every. Single. Moment.

Every hour spent with my trusty pump sidekick. Every afternoon spent washing pump supplies. Every morning I’ve spent filling milk bags for donation or when I’m away at work. Every night that I’m feeding my loves instead of sleeping. Every second that I’ve got a little person attached to me. Every time it has provided comfort when my babe is sick, stressed, scared, or over stimulated. Every moment that I get to watch my beautiful little boys feel happy, safe, and loved.


Every moment is worth it.

And just so, every single drop of liquid gold that I produce is too! Which is why I was really excited to share about a few breastfeeding products from a company that understands the value of breastmilk just as much as I do!

Meet Milkies- a company dedicated to happy moms and healthy babies through breastfeeding!


I was able to try out both of their awesome products- the Milk-Saver and Milkies Freeze.

The Milk-Saver is a product that’s literally dedicated to saving every precious drop of breastmilk that you make. It’s a slim, portable, silicone collection pouch that saves the milk you leak when breastfeeding or pumping. You simply slip it in a bra or nursing tank on the side you are not feeding from, and it securely and hygienically collects the leaked milk that would normally be soaked up by a breast pad (or if you’re like me- my shirt that’s now a giant red flag screaming “Look at me! I make milk! I leak milk! And I forget to wear breast pads!”).


The Milk-Saver is actually a bit larger than I expected. It has a soft silicone curved front, silicone collection pouch on the back, a hole for your nipple, and a plastic piece that ensures the pouch stays open and the nipple is not smashed.


So I’ll admit here that I knew I leaked some when I pump. I pump one side at a time EVERY morning after the morning nursing session since I have an over-supply, and I donate my extra milk to a few babes in need. I usually just do one side at time so I have a free hand to wrangle the boys, and well, my laziness kicks in a bit and I only have to wash one pump set if I do a single side at a time, he he. So I slipped the Milk-Saver into my bra and lined up my nipple with the hole. I noticed right away that the construction was great. The silicone was comfortable, the hole just large enough, and the plastic piece that kept it open was genius. I did notice that with my large chest (38H), it was pretty much impossible to keep it discreet in a t-shirt. I think that maybe with a sweater or smaller breast size it would be a bit less noticeable, though.



In the photo it doesn’t look like much, but it was actually a FULL OUNCE! With an almost 6 month old who is just starting baby-led weaning, I was blown away with what I considered “casualty milk”. Ha ha!


I know I leaked way more when Ezra was younger, but even if I only leaked this much and continued to wear my Milk-Saver every day while pumping, it equals out to 45 large bottles for him, or almost 3 gallons. THREE GALLONS! That’s so much more I could be donating or that I could have used with my first baby when my supply wasn’t so great! Oh Milk-Saver, why weren’t you in my life 4 years ago?!

All silliness aside (sorta), I was very impressed. Plus, the Milk-Saver comes apart for washing and is dishwasher safe (yay for lazy busy moms like me!). So I just wash my Milk-Saver in the dishwasher or the sink whenever I wash pump supplies. Plus, the Milk-Saver is BPA and phthalate-free, is certified not to leach any nasty chemicals or substances, and includes a sturdy carrying case that doubles as a secure holder when it has collected milk in it!


To go with my Milk-Saver, I also tried out the Milkies Freeze to help me organize my extra breastmilk. It’s a sturdy plastic container with a first-in, first-out system to make sure I’m using the freshest milk first.


The Freeze has a few different purposes. First, there’s the obvious storage with access to the freshest milk first- up to 60 ounces. Second, there is a metal tray on top that allows you to place a non-frozen bag of milk on it to freeze it in a flat, smooth shape. Because it’s made out of metal, it’s very quick to start the freezing process. And finally, the Freeze helps to protect your stacked milk from any abuse it can get in a freezer. I’ve had countless bags leak during thawing because they either froze in a funny shape and the plastic split, or they were banged up a bit by constantly digging through the bags of milk in my freezer and had tiny holes that were only obvious when my refrigerator shelf was a pool of leaked milk. Plus, the front comes off so it’s simple to clean when empty!


I love my new Milkies products and I oh-so-wish that I had them for my entire breastfeeding journey. It’s the little helpers that make such a difference, especially when every drop (literally) counts- up to 3 gallons!

And because we <3 babies, we <3 moms, we <3 breastfeeding, and we <3 our readers that love them too be sure to keep watching here on the blog for a Milkies giveaway coming up soon!


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38 Responses to Save & Store Every Last Drop with Milkies {Milk-Saver & Freeze Review}

  1. Kadie says:

    Great review! I’m glad I added this to my registry!

  2. Cindy B says:

    As a mom with IGT I think these are great so you don’t lose any milk 😉 thanks for the review.

  3. Ashley T says:

    I wish I knew about this when I was breast feeding my littles.. would have loved it!

  4. Rosie says:

    Thank you for your honest review! This looks like a great product that is mindful about no-waste.

  5. Brittany Chelette says:

    We used a leftover gift bag from Christmas, but this looks a lot sturdier! Love it!

  6. Prudence says:

    Suilirsrngpy well-written and informative for a free online article.

  7. http://www./ says:

    Thank you Christina! I couldn’t get over the light in The Merrion – so gorgeous and clean. The GIANT windows obviously helped, and gave warmth, but their own chandeliers have this very pure white light which I loved. Wonder how much it would cost to switch all my lightbulbs over?!

  8. http://www./ says:

    I just had a similar conversation with another parent about our respective kid's adoration of Phantom of the Opera, a work that drives me insane with loathing, but that I patiently listened to multiple times, remembering that my mother never ever told me to turn off the music, but let me listen to whatever I wanted no matter how much it must have driven her crazy to hear me play the same record 15 times in a row.

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