Simple, Eco-Friendly Furniture Solutions with Way Basics and zBoard {Review}

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My house is tiny. There’s no way around it. And with 5 people in it, there’s sometimes no way to get through it either, hehe! That’s why I’m always looking for great storage solutions to keep things (somewhat) organized. When we were approached by Way Basics, I knew right away how perfect their furniture pieces would be for our home.


Way Basics is a company dedicated to creating furniture pieces that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and simply creative. They have created a brand new type of recycled material, called zBoard, which they make all of their products from. Made from 99% post-consumer recycled paper and free from toxins, zBoard is incredibly strong, yet much lighter than traditional materials used to make furniture. In fact, zBoard pieces can withstand over 200 lbs of weight once assembled!


Aside from the fact that I always look for greener, more eco-conscious solutions for our family, I loved what you can do with Way Basics pieces. I was excited about how customizable all of their furniture is, and the variety of finishes and colors that were available. After first glance, I knew that Way Basics storage cubes would be perfect for the storage solution I just couldn’t figure out- our cloth diapers! Because I could actually mount the zBoard cubes to the wall with a few screws and brackets, I could create a custom solution that was off the ground, allowing for more play space in Ezra’s room. With the wider cube I could easily fit prefolds (which are actually pretty tough to fit in any storage area with limited space), and I had plenty of room for covers, pockets, and all of my other accessory pieces (and even Sophie!).


When my storage cubes arrived, I met the delivery guy fully expecting to lift three heavy boxes into the house, but I was completely surprised at how light they were. When I opened the box, I was met with a few very simple pieces to put together and NO TOOLS REQUIRED (woohoo!).


Assembly was a simple process of removing the super strong 3M tape backing, inserting pins, aligning the pieces, and pushing everything together. Each piece took about 5 minutes to construct.


Once all three pieces were put together, we did a bit of experimenting until we figured out exactly where we wanted to put our Way Basics pieces. We had one configuration on the floor, and one mounted to the wall. After looking at the Way Basics website and their tips for mounting the cubes, we decided on the most effective space saving place on the wall. We went to our local hardware store and picked up a few brackets and some screws, and starting placing the pieces on the wall where we wanted them. Once I liked the configuration, installation was a snap.


Now we have a bright, simple, creative, and eco-friendly storage solution for our cloth diapers that save us tons of space. The colors go really well with Ezra’s owl themed room, and we have had a ton of complements on the sleekness of the design. The only downfall I’ve noticed so far is that the corners can crumple pretty easily if hit by flying objects like baseballs and Bob the Tomato, so be sure to place your Way Basics pieces in a safe area.

Each Way Basics storage cube retails at $20 and the rectangle cube plus retails at $30. With the variety of pieces available, storage options and creations are absolutely endless. Make sure to check out Way Basic’s online design gallery and their Facebook page for lots of ideas!


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4 Responses to Simple, Eco-Friendly Furniture Solutions with Way Basics and zBoard {Review}

  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    How nice ad I love the easy assembly as well. I’m sure there are a lot of us who could put these to great use, they’re great!

  2. Rachel N says:

    I love how easy this is! I need some more storage in my daughters room.

  3. jakemcooper says:

    These are excellent furniture storage solutions described in this article. We can save a whole lot of space by implementing these methods. While we were renovating our house we did opted for short term storage in Toronto as it was economical and reliable till we managed to arrange a bit of storage space in our house itself. These are really great ideas for storage, thanks.

  4. Jeanette E. says:

    Now that our 3rd son is here and we have 2 in cloth I need a storage system. This looks great, love that its toxin free!

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