Why I Love AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers! Plus a Giveaway.

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About three and a half years ago I ventured into the world of cloth diapering when Kaelyn Mae was just a wee one.  There were so many different options available and so many different brands that I wanted to try.  And I did.  My diaper stash had just about every brand available in it, but there was one that just stood out to me.  That I grabbed first every time diaper laundry was done.  And that is when I realized that it was time.  It was time to destash all of those other diapers and build one epic diaper stash of that brand that I just couldn’t get enough of…. AppleCheeks.


Today if you take a peek into Willow’s diaper stash you will see AppleCheeks, AppleCheeks, and more AppleCheeks.  Instead of saying “can you change her diaper” we can say “can you change her AppleCheeks”.

AppleCheeks Review

So why do we love AppleCheeks so much?  Well that is exactly what I am going to share with you today.  Some of the reasons might surprise you.

AppleCheeks are PRETTY.
The selection of colors are fabulous – so bright and vibrant with delicious names.  There are a few girly colors currently available with the majority being very gender neutral.  They keep their customers on their toes with regular lineups, discontinued colors, limited editions, prints, and retailer exclusives.  Oh and the ruffles…  I L.O.V.E. the ruffles.  And no they do not cause and leaking or wicking issues.  And no they do not make the diaper look girly.  What those ruffles do it make the diaper perfect.


AppleCheeks are VERSATILE.
You can use an AppleCheeks diaper two different ways.  The envelope method is comparable to a pocket diaper.  You simply place the insert inside the large envelope opening, but there will be no need to unstuff after use because it will agitate out in the wash!  Or you can do the cover method which makes the AppleCheeks function as an All In Two (AI2) by simply placing the insert on top.  This allows you to get multiple uses out of one cover before washing.  No matter what method you are using both the AppleCheeks bamboo and microterry inserts will work perfectly.  The microterry inserts even have a label on them so you will always know what side should be against babies delicate bum.

AppleCheeks Covers

AppleCheeks do their JOB.
From the messiest runniest breast milk poops to the heaviest of wetters AppleCheeks holds it all in thanks to their super stretchy elastic.  This elastic is not only around the leg openings – remember the super cute ruffles – but also at the front and back as well.  You will never have to worry about poop shooting up the back of an AppleCheeks… something that happens far to often in disposable diapers.

AppleCheeks Review 1

 AppleCheeks are designed & owned by REAL PEOPLE.
OK… so what exactly do I mean by that.  Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu are the two masterminds behind all of this AppleCheeks awesomeness.  But their not merely elusive names to their fans.  They actually interact with us.  One of my favorite things is the super fun reveal videos that these ladies do with their AppleCheeks ambassadors (which I sooo long to be) and lovely PR lady – Beth Valencia.  I literally fell out of my chair when Ilana commented on one of my Instagram photos!


And there you have it…. just a few reasons why I absolutely adore AppleCheeks.  As you can see Willow feels the same way.


Are you ready to take the AppleCheeks plunge?  If so you will want to enter the giveaway below where one lucky winner will get to try out a little bundle for themselves.  But I will warn you – once you try an AppleCheeks no other diaper will compare and you very well may become addicted like me.


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293 Responses to Why I Love AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers! Plus a Giveaway.

  1. jennafish says:

    size 2 lemon zest. thanjks! jenna

  2. Breanne says:

    I’d like size one in Appletini

  3. Arielle Young says:

    I want a Size 1 lemon zest…i love applecheeks ruffles~!

  4. Shaylene M Wilson says:

    I would love the green Appletini in size One.
    I have yet to ever use this brand because I am only 26 weeks pregnant, but from the looks of them, I love the elastic in four different spots to help contain messes.

  5. I would pick raspberry sorbet in a size 1. Since I haven’t used this brand of diaper yet, my favorite thing about them is the fun colors, but I think after using them I will love a lot more features 🙂 baby will be here in April so I’m hoping to add this to my starter stash… so I know what to buy more of!

  6. Kristen says:

    I’d go for Forget Me Not in a size 1 for my little nugget. Applecheeks is one that i REALLY want to try out but have yet to purchase. I have a 2 month old and I’m new to the cloth diaper world…started off with prefolds!

  7. Jasmin says:

    They’re so cute !! I just got into cloth diapers and wanna try them all too !

  8. Jasmin says:

    raspberry shorbert size. 2 . I like them because they look so soft and snugg

  9. Becki Witherow says:

    Size 2 in st Lucia. I love that you don’t have to unstuff them.

  10. Candace says:

    Who won????

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