Private Lives of Nashville Wives – Series Premier Recap

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When it comes to music my absolute favorite is country.  I love driving around belting out the lyrics to songs that have the ability to evoke so many raw emotions.  There are some songs that instantly pop a smile on my lips and others that send tears streaming down my face.  And so when I learned that a new reality television show would be premiering on TNT set right in the songwriting capital of the world – Nashville, Tennessee – which is heavily saturated with the best stars country music has to offer I was completely stoked.  Last night I tuned in to watch the first episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives and by the end of the hour I must say I was hooked.


When a new reality series begins that is following the lives of numerous people the job of the first episode is to introduce them to the audience.  Private Lives of Nashville Wives did just that against the backdrop of the The Music City during the most important week of the year in country music, the CMA Music Festival.  In case you missed the season premiere I’d like to introduce you to the Nashville wives who’s lives aren’t so private anymore…

The episode opens with Sarah Davidson preparing for her first CMA Music Festival sponsored show at the Hard Rock.  She is married to Dallas Davidson who has written or co-written sixteen #1 hits making him one of Music Row’s most in-demand song writers.  While living a luxurious life provided by her husband’s fame Sarah is working hard to earn her own success on her own terms.  She frequently tours with her band and after hearing countless no’s she is ready for her big break.  At the end of the episode we see Sarah’s talent first hand with an amazing performance.  Maybe someday we’ll see her perform on the Ryman Stage so she can cross her #1 item off her bucket list.


Next we are taken into the home of Erika Page White who is having a bit of a cooking dilemma with some sausage that is rather well done on the outside, but not so much on the inside.  Even though at first glance she doesn’t appear to be the typical suzy homemaker Erika is loving life as a stay at home mom to her eight and ten year old sons.  She is also the wife of the very talented Bryan White who has a long list of accomplishments including six #1 singles, 17 charted singles and more than 4 million records sold, as well being a CMA, ACM and Grammy winner.  However, Bryan isn’t the only talented one in the family!  Since the age of 16 Erika has been acting professionally in commercials, industrial films and music videos.  After a 9 year hiatus Erika has decided it’s time to make a comeback and I am excited to see where her journey will take her.


While some of the couples meet for lunch and an impromptu jam session at Puckett’s we are introduced to Cassie and Gary Chapman who is well known for his successes in the Christian country music scene.  After meeting Gary on a remote island in the Bahamas Cassie moved to Nashville in 2007 in order to be with him.  Cassie just laughs when people make negative comments regarding the fact that she is 23 years younger than her hubby and that she used to be a Hooters girl.  In fact she shares that that was her favorite job ever!  Cassie is determined to show the world that her marriage is the real deal and that they fell in love for all the right reasons.


Next Betty and Raul Malo roll up to Puckett’s on their Vespa Scooters.  Raul is the lead singer and founding member of the legendary country music band, The Mavericks.  Betty claims that “You have to be a tough bitch to be married to a musician.” and so far it is evident she has that perfected.  Betty isn’t one to stand in her husband’s shadow of fame and success – she has created it for herself with her jewelry and accessories company, Betty Badd Couture.  She currently has several celebrity clients and is working to place her jewelry in boutiques around Nashville.  Betty is also a mom of three sons that range in age from 13 to 18 years old two of which are following in their father’s footsteps pursuing careers in the music industry.


As the jam session ends at Puckett’s we are whisked away to Jenny and JT Terrell’s gorgeous “tree house” where Jenny is found slammed with work as the vice president of North American local sales for LivingSocial, one of the web’s leading social commerce companies.  Her job has Jenny jet-setting all across North America, but she always makes time for her husband and adorable 18 month old son, Hank.  Jenny says she hit the jackpot regarding her personal life when she married JT who was her longtime friend and is also a successful Nashville businessman.  JT is the co-owner of Music City Tents and Events, which hosts all of the elite large-scale parties in town with the goal of being the sole provider to every venue in Nashville.  After putting her work down for the day Jenny, JT, and baby Hank head to the park for some fun and we hear JT hinting at a second child… I guess we shall see!


And last but not least we see Ana Fernandez roll up to her identical twin sister’s, Betty Malo, home on her blinged out pink Vespa Scooter with adorable puppy riding along.  Betty and Ana have been organizing a pig roast to celebrate the CMA Music Festival and the time has come to pick up the pig.  You’ll have to check out the episode to see just how comical this whole situation turns out to be, hehe.  Ana is a single mom of two with a highly extroverted personality which she describes perfectly.  “The key to my personality is freedom. I lack a mouth filter, discipline and order, and I can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things I regret later.”  When it comes to men Ana is a serial dater who is struggling to find the right guy and has just started online dating.


After meeting all of the Nashville wives and the men in their lives the episode continues with CMA Music Festival activities.  Sarah and Dallas attend the CMT awards and after party.  Betty and Ana fight their way to a wonderful pig roast complete with a father son jam session.  Erika, Bryan, Cassie, and Gary hang out and shoot up some watermelons.  Sarah and Jenny have a heart to heart on the path Sarah should take to make her dreams a reality.  And the episode ends with Sarah’s performance at the Hard Rock with all of her friends in attendance watching and dancing on the rooftop.

When the trailer rolled for next week’s episode I tweeted the first thing that ran through my mind… “Oh boy looks like the drama will be starting next week on @PrivateLivesTNT! #NashvilleWives #CMchat” and it looks like I just may be correct because my tweet was favorited by none other than Cassie Chapman and Erika Page White.  Yup, it’s safe to say I was a tad star struck, hehe.

Make sure you tune in to TNT next week on Monday at 10/9C to catch the next episode!

This post was sponsored by MtoM Consulting.  Regardless, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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11 Responses to Private Lives of Nashville Wives – Series Premier Recap

  1. Christa says:

    I need to DVR this! It looks so good!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great recap! I really enjoyed the show and can’t wait for next week!

  3. joanna garcia says:

    Aww how cool that your tweet got favorites by them! I love country music too and will love to see this series! Need to DVR IT!

  4. Great recap, I watched the premiere but still learned so much more about the people from your post, haha. I can’t decide yet who my favorites are… the twins are fun, I relate to Erika as a stay-at-home-mom wanting to get back to work, and I love Jenny’s rockstar determination as a business woman, mom, and wife!

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