Encourage Play & Putting Away with ToyTainer {Review & Giveaway}

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Even as adults, it’s usually not fun to put away all of our things, so I know it’s not a fun chore for my kids either. But I also really love their toys to be picked up and their room to be relatively tidy on a daily basis. Besides making the house look better, it makes me just feel better too, know what I mean? Well, in January, Perpetual Play Group Limited partnered exclusively with Target to create a line of creative and fun storage solutions for kids call ToyTainer that makes the job of cleaning up toys much more fun.


ToyTainer encourages kids to pick up and put away their toys by making the storage containers into games. So they can “play & put away” at the same time! They have 12 different storage solutions in both girl and boy themes for a variety of different sized items.


When we started opening and explaining how the different ToyTainer products worked, I realized right away that my kids didn’t see them as toy storage containers at all, but instead just more toys to play with. I sure didn’t have to ask them so many times to pick up their toys when just picking them up and storing them was a game in itself!

Their favorite ToyTainer so far is definitely the Arcade Depot Grab ‘n Store. It comes with a removable grabber toy that you can pick up a toy with, place it through the opening in the clear plastic box, and even use the grabber as a crane to pick up toys in the box and place them in the arcade-style opening in the front. It worked great for all of their little toys like action figures, happy meal toys, and small balls.


Since I always seem to be stepping on the toy race cars that are littered around on the floor (and its AMAZING how bad those things hurt, isn’t it?!), the Shoe Box Play ‘n Store’s were awesome. For boys, they have both the Farm and City theme, and the Castle theme for girls. They fold up nice and compact when not in use, but become either a farm or city to “drive” cars and tractors into the box for storage. It’s just another way that ToyTainer has made putting toys away fun!


Similar to the Shoe Box is the Fire Truck Play ‘n Store. The top of the fire truck opens for storage, then locks, and can be moved around with the carrying handle. It works great to take toys in the car for a trip to Mamaw’s or just to drive around the house. The boys put all of their animal figures in the fire truck and then pushed them around their room. And if you’ve got someone interested in something more pink, you can opt for the Ice Cream Truck version instead.


The Games Centre Fold ‘n Go is probably my favorite ToyTainer. It hooks over the top of any standard door, adjusts to the right height, and becomes a basketball hoop, ball holding net, and sports equipment holder. You simply leave the net open to play, or close the bottom to collect balls that are shot through the hoop. Baseball bats and gloves easily store in the pockets and the Velcro holder, and smaller balls fit in the stretchy pockets on top. Plus, the basketball hoop folds flat to open the door or so the entire Games Centre can fold up into a briefcase sized on-the-go play center.


Similar to the Fire Truck, the Bulldozer Scoop ‘n Store has a scoop front that can be used to pick up lots of small toys like cars, bouncy balls, puzzle pieces, or army men, and then dumped in the bucket on back. The bucket can then be removed. We didn’t open the Bulldozer yet because the boys will be in for a big surprise when their Easter basket this year comes in a ToyTainer Bullldozer instead of a traditional basket! Who needs more baskets anyway? A ToyTainer is much more fun!


If you have a girl or a little that is more interested in princesses, castles, and dolls, here’s a peak at all of the ToyTainers geared toward them. (My boys wouldn’t stop until we played with the EZ-Mat Play ‘n Store on the right!)


ToyTainers are available exclusively at Target and have a pretty reasonable price point of $19.99-$29.99 per storage solution. Plus, ToyTainer will be giving away an assortment of fun storage solutions to one of our lucky readers! Just fill out the form below to enter.


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55 Responses to Encourage Play & Putting Away with ToyTainer {Review & Giveaway}

  1. Sara Floyd says:

    I would use them for my daughter’s balls and blocks

  2. Misha Estrada says:

    My children have trouble with remembering to put their toys away. I would love to use a toytainer for their legos, which are the bane of my existence.

  3. Lily Kwan says:

    I do struggle with toy storage/organization.

  4. Amy D. says:

    We could use something for balls! They roll everywhere and are such a tripping hazard. The products here look very useful.

  5. tina says:

    I struggle with toy organization every day. We need more space for action figures

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