Private Lives of Nashville Wives – Episode 2 Recap

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Did you catch the second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives Monday night on TNT at 10/9C?  I was super stoked for this episode because after being introduced to the cast in last weeks season premier I knew this week the drama would begin unfolding.


Episode two followed three story lines that each tugged at different emotions.  Erika planning a girls night out.  Cassie and Gary adopting a baby.  And Sarah’s band performing at a steakhouse. 

The episode opens with Erika and Cassie hanging out at the White’s home with Erika giving a little tour of her closet’s which are ridiculously clean.  Seriously, I don’t think there was anything in them.  Not even a speck of dust.  Where does she put all the junk and clutter?  I am completely baffled, hehe.  She also shows off her collection of role playing outfits for the bedroom including Mrs. Clause, bunny, and 4th of July outfits.  This took me by surprise because I totally didn’t perceive Erika White as being  a “freak in the sheets.”  Later in the show the girls are getting ready for a night out and joking about how Erika is a homebody.  I can say I totally relate to Erika since we are both stay at home moms and I have no idea when the last time I even went out for a girl’s night was… I wouldn’t even know how to act on a girl’s night out!  From the get go Jenny was rather catty towards Erika no matter what she did or said.  Whether it was Erika’s choice of alcohol or the club they were hanging out in nothing was good enough for Jenny… to be honest I felt bad for how they were treating her just because she didn’t want to be a party girl and instead chose to respect herself and her husband.  At the end of the show a scene is shown with Jenny and Ana chatting about how they should invite Erika out to lunch to confront her on being a “fun sponge” or rather someone who sucks the fun out of everything.  I couldn’t believe how absolutely junior high that sounded, but I suppose that’s the drama coming out.

One of the things that Cassie wanted to be made known is that she married Gary Chapman for love and nothing else which was very obvious when she revealed that he was bankrupt when they met.  Their story line goes on to quickly capture their open, private adoption.  In the episode Cassie is apparently head over heels in love with the little red head baby that is only a few days old and is struggling emotionally with the fact that the birth mother, Chelsea, could still change her mind and literally rip Eva Rose from their arms.  The day that she would officially become Cassie and Gary’s child a “Sip N See” is hosted for the happy family.  I had never heard of this tradition, but it is basically like a baby shower after the baby is already there to celebrate.  Guests sip champagne and see the new little bundle of joy.  During the entire gathering there was a tense feeling that Gary’s phone would ring at any moment with call from the birth mother.  And then it does ring.  And my heart dropped.  Until I realized it was an alarm he had set for the exact time she would need to call by and at that moment Eva Rose officially became a Chapman.  Such a happy moment for everybody!


The third story line revolves around Sarah Davidson and her band hitting the road to play at a steakhouse in Virginia.  Upon arriving she realizes that they have not spelled her name correctly on the dry erase board in front of the restaurant even though it was on signs all over the windows.  She quickly takes a marker and fixes the mistake then gets to work setting up the stage with the rest of her band.  As an aspiring singer/songwriter things are definitely not all glitz and glam.  While performing the restaurant is far from packed, people are chatting, not paying attention, and preferring to enjoy their steaks rather than listen to Sarah’s lovely voice.  The look on her face is rather heartbreaking because it is quite obvious that she pours her heart and soul in to these performances.

After watching the trailer for next week’s episode I am really excited… Jenny is adamant that she is not ready to add another child to their family even though husband, JT, is more than ready even suggesting adoption. Even though Sarah loves her band and performing it seems she is needing a little break and just wants to be home for a while – there is also a sense of a relationship issue between her and Dallas though I hope that is not the case because they seem so great together.  And Erika goes to a photo shoot to get her acting career kicked off again, but from the looks of things it doesn’t go as well as she had hoped.  I can’t wait til next Monday to find out what happens!

Make sure you tune in to TNT next week on Monday at 10/9C to catch the next episode!

This post was sponsored by MtoM Consulting.  Regardless, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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