Watch Willow Grow: 19 Months

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Watch Willow GrowI can not believe it has been this long since I wrote a Watch Willow Grow update.  The last one I shared was her 1 year 21 week update on January 15th…. which means I have missed 9 weeks!  Somehow I missed one week and that turned in to two and now she is 19 months old.  After seeing a few comments on Instagram and Facebook posts asking where the Willow updates had gone I decided I needed to catch everyone up.  And so here are some pictures from the last 2 months.

IMG_7648IMG_76681511717_10102144240332214_1781333380_n1604584_10102154076999454_1511730778_n1607017_10102158591088184_2050247175_n1544362_10102162815302824_1484924207_n1535445_10102164868702794_96284931_n1535645_10102169743418824_1601067286_n IMG_78151555392_10102169733927844_401180706_n1017633_10102169747276094_2076512056_n77143_10102169784815864_325719811_n1545680_10102170755785034_1389887571_n IMG_8169IMG_82131507075_10102177836679864_1538975559_n1560763_10102180385072864_1236933569_n1661123_10102182092600964_1628666607_n1176140_10102182959169354_1219050445_n1621838_10102192953041554_1680419952_n1511361_10102200487327784_67748967_n1511697_10102200835594854_166479893_n9460_10102205961592314_1741361155_n IMG_8496IMG_8630IMG_87451959268_10102229402451644_1830616466_n1625550_10102233226667884_59213989_n1489189_10102233248294544_1331685327_n1620777_10102235339169414_1797884739_n1897816_10102235621383854_1888853826_n1505479_10102246584498684_1070748355_n5501_10102239889231054_814283053_n1796684_10102237982831494_862310425_n IMG_8816IMG_8898IMG_89901506949_10102249847285034_1318882688_n1920521_10102250739936154_375547467_n IMG_90871896977_10102255499807334_841956865_n1959347_10102264278923914_1503837449_n1964773_10102264533658424_1978256086_n1488144_10102269227786354_1892998522_n1896817_10102271305113374_566406785_n1525352_10102274989275284_2141061025_n04d2593cac9d11e3814a0e7ac0a913e7_8999958_10102284333908564_1991389559_n1972370_10102284391767614_321825956_n1978841_10102285206654574_625872272_n


Sleeping:  Little Willow Jean still isn’t sleeping through the night.  She wakes up usually around 3am to nurse and I just bring her to bed with me for the rest of the night.  I really would love to get a full nights sleep.  Maybe someday, haha.

Eating:  She loves everything.  Some of her favorites are watermelon, grapes, pasta, and chicken.  We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant and she was chowing on the salsa.  Literally scooping it out of the bowl with her hand and eating it…. ya, she had her own bowl.

Breastfeeding:  We are at 19 months and going strong.  Willow tends to only want to nurse if I am sitting on the couch and in the early morning and before bed.  Oh and of course in the middle of the night.  I guess what I am trying to say is if we are out and about she doesn’t want to nurse.  So as long as she is busy with something else she doesn’t need to nurse.  I have tried to give her milk in a sippy and she takes a few sips and then tosses the cup.  I’ve dedicated myself to letting her self wean and quite honestly right now I do not see an end in sight.

Diapers:  We’ve been back and forth between our AppleCheeks and disposable diapers.  She has had a couple sinus infections that put her on antibiotics so I would use sposies  because of the chance of a yeast rash.  And then the yeast rash did happen so I was very glad we had been using sposies.  At this moment she is on medicine again and so we are in sposies.  I will be so so so happy when she is 100% healthy and we can use our AppleCheeks full time.

Current Weight/Height:  Willow had her well visit today and she was 21 pounds and 31 inches tall.  She also received two vaccinations and only fussed for a few seconds.

Places She’s Been:  Ummmm, everywhere.  Monster Jam, Castaway Bay, Lake Erie Monsters Hockey Game, Splash Harbor, MommyCon and lots more.

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5 Responses to Watch Willow Grow: 19 Months

  1. Kadie says:

    What a cutie! And such good photos!

  2. Sandra VanHoey says:

    So cute. Enjoyed all the pics

  3. Sandra VanHoey says:

    So cute. Enjoyed all the pics

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Now that my kids are a bit older, grown up in their own eyes, I kind of miss this stage. Not everything about it! They can go through an array of emotions in less than 10 minutes and really like to cuddle…Now its just enough to get them to be in the same room if their friends are home! The one thing that I do love and its about ready to start is baseball season. It’s great seeing them out there enjoying the game and being part of a team.

  5. Beth Rees says:

    I love seeing these! I haven’t actually commented on one for a while! I hope you will do them with your new little one. I love the one of her reading. So cute!

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