Never Wordless Wednesday: Alleigh Lost Her First Tooth!

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In that first year of life there are so many firsts and each one is as bitter sweet as the last.  As they get older the firsts are fewer and farther between, but when one happens it hits you hard.  Those are the moments that you realize your baby is really truly growing up.  That they aren’t actually a baby anymore.  Well, she will ALWAYS be my baby, but she is also a kid… a big kid.

That big moment happened for me on February 4th when Alleigh was sitting on the couch and told me “mom, my tooth hurts.”  I looked in her mouth and found that her bottom two front teeth were loose.  How could this be… she was just born… she’s my baby… oh wait that was nearly 6 years ago.


I tried to come to the realization that she would soon be missing that perfect little tooth that first appeared when she was only 4 and a half months old, but turns out she wanted to hold on to that last bit of babyhood just as much as me.  She spent the next month and a half chewing food on the side of her mouth and I watched as it got more wiggly by the day. Finally we reached a point that I was certain that tooth was going to fall out in her sleep and I was worrying she’d choke on it, but Kaelyn decided to take care of that worry for me on March 22nd. 

While jumping on our bed I kept telling the girls to stop, that someone was going to get hurt.  But who listens to mom?  A few minutes later Alleigh comes running out of the bedroom with her hand cupped around her mouth and I could see blood around her fingertips.  She mumbled “Kaelyn kicked my tooth out!”  And sure enough she did.  From their story… while jumping Kaelyn’s  foot came up while Alleigh’s mouth came down, contact was made, and a tooth was extracted.  I doubt Alleigh will ever forget that.


That night the tooth fairy left a $5 bill tucked inside a new story book “Loose Tooth” which Alleigh has read nearly every day since receiving it.

When that first little tooth got knocked out it also made the one next to it really wiggly which started the wondering of when tooth #2 would fall out.  I was hoping it wouldn’t take nearly as long as the first.  Only 8 days later on March 30th 2014 while eating a chicken nugget that tooth made it’s exit.  All of a sudden we went from a mouth of baby teeth to looking like she should try out for a hockey team, hehe. 


I love watching my little ones reach these milestones, but it also reminds me of how fast life goes by and how much I need to really soak it all in while it lasts.    

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8 Responses to Never Wordless Wednesday: Alleigh Lost Her First Tooth!

  1. They really do grow up so fast, and I still go through the mix of emotions with each child and each milestone they reach.
    I love Alleigh’s expressions- she is definitely so excited! Adorable!

  2. shelly peterson says:

    Love the pics! She’s definitely excited bout loosing her first tooth. What a great story she has to remember.

  3. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I have 2 grandsons that just lost their front teeth and they get so excited when their tooth comes out and knowing the tooth fairy will be seeing them that evening. Not to mention, it is just kind of cute seeing them after losing the teeth. Something we all go through

  4. Jeffrey says:

    My youngest son is almost 8 and he has yet to lose a tooth. There are some wiggly ones but he just doesn’t work at them, maybe I should have my boys wrestle more often. I had to take my oldest to the dentist to have his teeth pulled because they would come out on their own, which meant money out of pocket!

  5. I am not ready for this next stage! I know my oldest will be losing teeth anytime now and it makes me sad thinking that he is growing up so fast! I know he has to grow up, I am just not ready. Alleigh looks so happy about her lost tooth. I am sure she loves her new book and her new smile :P. Great pics!

  6. I remember the boys losing their first teeth such a milestone

  7. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I can’t wait for a traditional way to lose teeth for my little lady. (Nearly 5). When she was two, she had her front two teeth knocked out, so she’s had a cute little gap for a couple years. Loving all these pictures.

  8. Beth Rees says:

    Oh it seems like it happens to soon! I have a little one that it probably won’t be to much longer till he loses his first. I am so not ready, but at the same time it is so fun to see their excitement. You can definitely see it all in her toothless smile 🙂

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