Get Moving in Disney Baby Style with the Sweet Winnie the Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Walker

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Ezra’s to the point now where he can crawl to where he wants to go, and even pull up and cruise a little bit. A few times now I’ve watched him pull up and look across the room like he was seriously considering just taking off and walking over. So it’s really awesome to let him spend a little bit of time in a walker and watch him use his little feet to get across the room with assistance. Our new Winnie the Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Walker by Disney Baby is the cutest walker to watch him go around in too!


The Dots & Hunny Pots walker is a cute and compact walker- perfect for our little house. The bottom of the base is a sturdy, but not super wide like some other walkers we’ve had before, and he can get around the living room and down the hall without catching on everything. So Ezra can definitely be on the move without being constantly frustrated that he’s stuck on something in our small home.


Ezra loves the big Tigger bead chaser on the front of the walker on the electronic toy station. It also includes lights, a piano key section, a sweet little Winnie the Pooh honey pot squeaker, and two rings that can be used by attaching toys with links. Plus, when Ezra’s done sitting in the walker, the activity center can be easily removed and used on the ground too!


The seat portion of the walker has a super cute, brightly colored print that is my very favorite feature- machine washable! My big boys like Winnie the Pooh on the back of the seat and the fabric is pretty stain resistant, which works well with a kiddo just learning to feed himself.  Most of our mealtimes are quite messy, and the fabric is great for a quick snack in the walker without fear of stains.


The seat is also adjustable by connecting different buckles on the back underside of the seat. So it can easily go from a deeper seat that’s closer to the ground for smaller babies to a taller seat for longer legged kiddos like Ezra. When we adjusted the seat to the tallest height, Ezra’s feet were perfectly positioned flat on the ground so he could move around appropriately, but it would definitely fit a shorter and younger baby too.


My husband’s favorite part of the walker was definitely the ease of putting it together. He says it is by far the easiest and quickest baby gear item he has put together to date (and we’ve put LOTS of items together over the course of 3 kids!). It took him 6 minutes from start to finish, and directions were just easy-to-follow pictures. It was a definite win in his book! The only part that seemed to be a little difficult to understand was how to disassemble it the correct way to fold it flat. But once taken apart, it easily fit under our couch to be stowed away.


The Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots is available at Wal-Mart and retails for $49.99. Your little one will definitely love the colors, entertainment, and sturdiness of this sweet Winnie the Pooh walker just as Ezra does, and mom and dad will enjoy the affordable price point too!



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  1. Stephanie gonzales says:

    Hi, I have the walker an was wondering if you know how I could find the center piece attachment

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