5 Time Saving Tips for Super Moms… That’s You!

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Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today’s discussion.

I remember a time long long ago….well, a little over six years ago… when the only thing I needed to remember when running errands was my purse.  Or when I could clean the house and it stayed that way.  It’s amazing how much more time consuming and complicated previously simple tasks take when you add a baby in to the mix.  Now three kiddos later and another on the way I sometimes wonder how I get anything accomplished.  The unsolicited comments I get while out and about with my little army of mini-me’s shows that other people have the same thoughts – though I don’t need to hear them!  And here is where I admit it… being a Super Mom is no easy task.  Sometimes just making it through the day with everyone fed, dressed, and happy can be a huge ordeal.  In order to make things a little easier on me it was essential that I figure out ways to save time.  Today I am going to share five of my tips that you can try to save time and make things easier on yourself as well.

1.)  DIAPERS THAT WORK.  Ok, so this might seem like a simple tip…. but trust me on this because I have learned the hard way.  Moms do not have time to struggle to get a good snug fit especially when their babies become active.  Once they start rolling and crawling babies have an unwritten code that informs them they must only lay still for approximately two seconds before they begin wiggling away.  And then when those diapers become loose the next thing is dealing with leaks which in turn means dealing with more laundry just adding to our workload.  Instead of dealing with all of that why not just get a diaper that works.  A great option is Huggies Little Movers which are designed for active babies to keep them clean, comfortable, and dry.  These diapers have some great features for a NEW & improved fit that lasts over time including Double Grip Strips that fasten at four points, SnugFit Waistband so they stay in place, absorbent LEAK LOCK® Technology giving your baby up to 12 hours of leak protection, and adorable Disney designs featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


2.)  KEEP THE DIAPER BAG STOCKED.  When you are in a rush the last thing you want to do is pack the diaper bag when you need to be rushing out the door.  Or even worse to be out and about only to realize that your bag is missing essentials like baby wipes, diapers, or a change of clothes.  The time that your baby is going to have a massive poop-plosion is the time the diaper bag is not stocked.  And so the best way to accomplish this is when you come home from running errands before storing your bag replace the things you used while out and about so it’s ready for your next outing.

3.)  PREPARE SNACKS AHEAD OF TIME.  Kids are always hungry.  Always.  Even if they just ate lunch they will still be hungry.  After grocery shopping I like to cut up fruits, veggies, and cheese so that they are easily accessible for healthy snacks.  This way when one of my kiddos inevitably becomes hungry when I need to be doing something else I can quickly grab a snack out of the fridge without having to wash, slice, and chop while listening to high pitched whining about how they are about to die of hunger.

4.)  BED TIME ROUTINES.  One of the most stressful times of day for a mom can be bed time.  Trying to get everyone calmed down, bathed, in their pajamas, and in bed can seem to take forever.  However, if your kids know what to expect every single night instead of fighting them to get each task accomplished they will already know the routine.  This routine doesn’t have to be long, it simply needs to be consistent.  Our bed time routine currently consists of having bath time at about 7:30PM, getting pajamas on, having a small bed time snack, reading a book, then tucking the kiddos in by 8:30PM.


5.)  SHOP ON-LINE.  One of my biggest time savers is shopping online.  Dragging three kiddos into the store is no easy task and add being pregnant on top of it and it just seems like torture, hehe.  Not to mention when I take the kids to the store I always end up spending more money because they spot things like cookies or toys that they just have to have.  And so instead of loading the kids up and having a super fun time at the store {note the sarcasm} I simply shop from the comfort of my couch while the kiddos play.  This is especially useful for things that I know we will need ahead of time like Huggies Diapers which I prefer to purchase from Diapers.com where they stock more than 1,400 diapering products.  The best part is their open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so no matter when you remember you need to order diapering supplies they will be there.  Oh wait, there is one thing better… how about $12 OFF your first Diapers.com purchase that includes a case of Huggies Diapers?  Simply use the code WOWHUGGIES at checkout!  In addition you can score free shipping on orders of $49 or more.  Please note this offer is only available to new Diapers.com members.

So there you have it… five tips that make my life as a mom of three, soon to four, much easier.  What about you?  Do you have any tips that can makes life easier and time more manageable for moms and dads too?  If so be sure to leave a comment below sharing because we could all use some more tips!

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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One Response to 5 Time Saving Tips for Super Moms… That’s You!

  1. Rosie says:

    These are great tips! If a person who isn’t a planner, gets organized and starts making snacks ahead, shopping online, being prepared, it seems amazing how much more you can have your sanity and more time!

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