Transforming My Backyard Into An Outdoor Oasis with Pier 1


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pier 1 Imports. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

We have a decent sized backyard with a covered cement patio and lots of toys for the kiddos to play with yet since moving in nearly seven years ago we have never truly used it.  This year I decided I wanted to do something about that.  I wanted to make our back patio functional by having comfy chairs for the adults to sit and relax with places to set their beverages while the children played.  I was lucky to score a well loved set of bamboo furniture on a local buy/sell/trade website for a super low price and set to work staining it a gorgeous dark brown.  The only problem was the cushions and pillows were absolutely terrible and desperately needed replaced.  So many times I had driven by Pier 1 Imports and knew they would have exactly what I was looking for to transform my new to me patio set into my own personal outdoor oasis and so as soon as the stain was dry I headed there.


And what I found when I went inside that day was so much amazing outdoor decor and furniture that my eyes and brain had a hard time processing it all!  Literally every summer trend that is hot this year was represented from pretty neutrals and subdued patterns that can make your space the ultimate place for summertime relaxation to oceanic blues and glorious greens that will take you away to a luxurious seaside hideaway even if you’re stuck in Ohio far away from any oceans like me, hehe.  I absolutely fell in love with the Swingasans like the peacock version pictured below because it’s really not fair that only kids get to have the joy of swinging outside…. but if I’m going to do it I want to be able to kick back and fully relax.  Then the lanterns caught my eye and I really wanted to grab a bunch to brighten up the back patio for when the sun starts to set, but I was on a mission and so I walked to the back wall.


There I found just what I was looking for.  Stacks and stacks of outdoor cushions and pillows. But I didn’t have a clue what would work best with my furniture set. Luckily a Pier I Imports in-store associate was happy to help me and we worked together to figure out exactly what seat and back cushions would give me the best fit.  After that was figured out she helped me with choosing a few accent pillows to coordinate with the cushions to give a nice laid back vibe.  I ended up needing four Echo Beach Seat and Back Cushions and two accent pillows, but the store didn’t have everything I needed in stock.  However, that wasn’t a problem either!  She simply helped me to get on the e-commerce website on a computer in the store where we ordered the remaining cushions I needed to be delivered directly to my home with free shipping.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Ready to see how the cushions looked?


These beautiful cushions literally transformed my new to me patio set into pure awesomeness right before my eyes.  I was so excited to flop right down and relax in my beautiful outdoor oasis.  I simply can’t get over how comfortable and well made these cushions are.  Plus the Kaleidoscope Jute Trimmed Accent Pillows I chose add a gorgeous pop.  I made sure to select a few that had as much of the spice color in them as possible to coordinate with the seat cushions.


Of course I didn’t want to keep my Pier I Imports outdoor oasis a secret so I invited some friends over to enjoy my transformed back patio with me.  Some of my closest girlfriends came over and brought their kiddos so they could play with all the toys while we lounged on the super comfy Pier I Imports outdoor cushions.  We also had fun snacking on a yummy cheese, meat, cracker, and fruit tray while sipping on ice cold lemonade.  Everyone kept talking about how comfortable the cushions were and I didn’t keep it a secret that they came from Pier I Imports!  In fact I talked about all the other outdoor decor I had seen while shopping there too and how I really want to go back and pick up some of their outdoor dishes, serving trays, and lanterns to take the back patio to a whole new level.


The best part about transforming my backyard in to my own personal outdoor oasis is that it’s become the place to be in the neighborhood.  Almost every day my neighbors make their way over and we lounge on the comfy patio furniture while all the kiddos burn their energy in the backyard either playing in the sandbox or swimming in the kiddie pool.  I’m so happy I finally decided to make our backyard functional….I only wish I had take the plunge and done it sooner!


So do you want to go shopping at Pier 1 Imports? Would a $25 gift card make it more fun? Well then enter the flash giveaway below!

   I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pier 1 Imports. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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37 Responses to Transforming My Backyard Into An Outdoor Oasis with Pier 1

  1. JulieK says:

    I LOVE the bold and bright colors at Pier1 – I would get one of their awesome outdoor rugs if I won!

  2. Michelle Crooks Rattan says:

    I love the couch and cushions.

  3. Christi says:

    I’d buy some dishes – Pier 1 dishes are always so bright and colorful!

  4. Nessa M says:

    I would get the beaded butterfly garden stake from the Outdoor Collection.

  5. Amanda C says:

    I’d get some of their awesome outdoor lighting! Those lanterns are adorable!

  6. I would love to have some of the cushions used in the Ciudad Deluxe set.

  7. amy says:

    id probably put it to the mellow out beanbag

  8. Ohh I’m so addicted to their dishes but my garden is looking bare too so I think I would have to get the butterfly garden stake. My daughter Danika has been catching butterflies this Summer and she is my garden buddy so she’d love it too!

  9. I really do need some chair cusions, dishes for outside, glass bevereage dispenser (or two) and a lot of cool lighting – looks like Peir one has everything and more!!

  10. Elizabeth P. says:

    Oh I want some lanterns!

  11. Cyndie says:

    I love anything from Pier One! i love their pillows!

  12. Brie snyder says:

    Wow! That set is darling. It looks incredibly comfy too and perfect where you put it! Thank you for the chance to win. I LOVE Pier 1 and go there all the time!

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