Imagine, Create, & Learn with Tiggly Shapes and Apps for iPad

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We’re big Apple product fans in our house, and our boys definitely have a love for the iPad just as I do (I’m convinced that the iPad has some magical dust sprinkled on it that my kids crave!). Although they love watching movies and cartoons on the iPad, they also really like some of the games we have downloaded for them. On the other hand, I really like for them to have balance with electronic toys and get hands on time with cars, blocks, and other physical toys. So when I came across a new game for the iPad that was created by educators and inspired by classic wooden blocks, encouraging kids to mix the physical and digital play, my interest was peaked!


From the minute the Tiggly Shapes arrived, they begged me to open them and install the apps on the iPad. It came with three different free downloadable apps- Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp, and Tiggly Draw.


The Tiggly Shapes themselves have a non-slip rubber type feel to them and are safe for kids and iPads alike. They come with four different shapes- star, triangle, circle, square- and come in bright, fun colors. The boys were drawn to the shapes right away, and even baby Ezra kept eying them! They were easy to hold, and use within each game by placing them on the screen. They had a cute little carrying bag to store them in between use that will make it very handy to grab in a flash when heading out the door for a road trip or appointment.


To play the different games, you simply follow the on screen cues and place the shapes directly over the dotted line guides on the screen, combining the best of physical and digital play. When the right shape is placed correctly, the game dings, and something fun happens. In Tiggly Safari, the shape becomes a fun animal from the jungle, farm, or sea. Sometimes it even prompts you to combine and rotate shapes as the player gets better, and can be played in a bilingual mode, teaching another language at the same time. Plus, each shape makes a different sound and can be used for lots of music play. It seems to be Reese’s favorite game at 2 years old, and I really like that he can completely play the game on his own with the simple prompts. He loves hearing the sound and names, and seeing the movements of each animal that’s created. Plus, he’s secretly working on his spatial reasoning, motor, and verbal skills, hehe!


Aiden (4 years old) seems to enjoy Tiggly Draw, the open-ended Tiggly game where you can create characters out of the four main shapes. Once the shapes are “stamped” on the screen, animated eyes, mouths, noses, arms, feet, wings, and lots of other fun characteristics can be added. It also allows you to take a photo or video of your creation to share too.


With Tiggly Stamp, you can use the four shapes on a variety of backgrounds, and then draw on them, move them around, or even create on screen plays and stories. Just like the other apps, the creations can be saved by Mom and Dad to be shared with other people.


For our family, Tiggly Shapes and the Tiggly apps have been a big hit, with both the kids and for us as parents. So if you’re looking for something different for your kids who have a love of that magic dust sprinkled iPad like mine, Tiggly is perfect!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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