Football Season + SNICKERS = #Chocolate4TheWin

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Living in Canton, Ohio we are privileged to be within miles of experiencing all of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festivities at the end of July each year.  There are so many fun events to attend all centered around supporting the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum and induction of new Enshrinees.  Simply put it’s a time to celebrate our love for everything football related.  And the best part is it ends with the first preseason game of the year – the Hall of Fame Game at Fawcett Stadium.  That game signals that preseason is starting and it won’t be long before the regular season arrives along with my husband and I’s friendly rivalry, hehe.  It also signals me that it’s time to stock up on some yummy snacks to have around while we spend some time in front of the television enjoying each of our favorite teams play… and mine inevitably defeating his.  Which is precisely why Willow and I headed to Sam’s Club for our favorite chocolate candy bars!

Snickers #Chocolate4TheWin

No matter what kind of candy you are looking for Sam’s Club is bound to have it and they definitely have a wonderful assortment of MARS candy and chocolate.  Even though the hubby and I can’t agree on what NFL team to root for there is one thing we can agree on during football season – SNICKERS are the perfect game viewing snack.  Which is why Willow and I opted for the big 48 count full size box of SNICKERS.  We also grabbed a 105 count variety bag of MARS candy bars as well… for back up.

Snickers #Chocolate4TheWin

The hubby, girls, and I do enjoy hanging out at home watching our favorite teams play, but sometimes we venture out because football is even more fun shared with friends and family that we love too.  And just because we’re leaving the comfort of our home doesn’t mean that we’re leaving our favorite game time snacks behind.  We’re bringing those SNICKERS and candy with us!  We share – I promise.  But transporting them in the cardboard box and plastic bag they are sold in is just rather blah.  Since presentation is everything and my creative side was begging to get out I decided to do a little crafting.

Football Basket Craft

And so I transformed a plain dark brown basket into a football for transporting our favorite game time snacks.  Trust me it is much simpler than it looks and with just a little time, glue, and ribbon you too can have an awesome football inspired basket.  I found my basket of choice at Michael’s where I also picked up some 3/8” wide white ribbon and some tacky glue.  When choosing a basket I recommend looking for one that has close to the same size basket weaving as the ribbon and also one that is rectangular to mimic more of a football shape.  I began by gluing the two horizontal football laces (ribbons) on to the basket.  After that I cut eight shorter strips for the vertical laces.  For these I actually inserted them in to the weaving of the basket which was much easier to accomplish using a sewing needle to gently push them through.  I also glued each of the ribbons on the outside and inside of the basket as well to make sure they stayed in place.

Football Basket Craft

Once I had my ribbon football laces completed and the glue had dried it was time to stock my super cute basket up with SNICKERS!  To conceal the excess ribbon on the inside of the basket I placed a kitchen towel inside the basket – be sure to choose one that matches the colors of your favorite team.  For the record the color used in my basket is by no means my favorite team.  That had to be stated.

Snickers #Chocolate4TheWin

Oh and one more thing – make sure to choose a basket with a handle!  It makes it much easier to transport to all of those fun family and friend football loving gatherings.  And trust me when you walk in with a basket full of SNICKERS and other delicious MARS chocolate candy you’ll be the favorite guest!

Snickers #Chocolate4TheWin

Don’t get too sad if your team happens to lose (which happens to hubby often) because with SNICKERS on hand everybody wins!  Just remember #Chocolate4TheWin!         

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

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9 Responses to Football Season + SNICKERS = #Chocolate4TheWin

  1. Diane Sallans says:

    You have wonderful models!

  2. Melissa Smith says:

    That basket is cute! & I agree, Sam’s Club is the place to go when you want to stock up on candy.

  3. One of my son’s favorite sweet treats! I love that last shot you took, so sweet!

  4. Sharon says:

    Oh My Word! I’m not sure if the basket or your sweetie is cuter! Add a little M&M’s or Snickers with a little angel and you’ve got an amazing winning combination! #client

  5. Alexandra Young says:

    That basket is such a good idea and so simple! I love it! We are Snickers fans here too!

  6. I love crafts that are easy to do with simple supplies. I think I could pull this off, even if the kids weren’t cooperating! Plus, it’s a great thing to bring to a party with NO cooking! That’s a definite win!

  7. A Kerr says:

    What fun photos! My family is already arguing about football and I’m like “dude, if it’s not Army vs. Navy I don’t care”. Might have to change my thinking a bit when my boys get older.

  8. Sarah L says:

    I haven’t had a snickers bar in a long time. I prefer Reeses peanut butter cups if I’m going to have sugar and chocolate.

  9. Beth R says:

    That basket is absolutely adorable! Those pictures are adorable. My kiddos love snickers

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