Help Eliminate #DiaperNeed with Huggies & the National Diaper Bank Network

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Everyone knows that with every little bundle of joy that comes into the world, comes lots of other little “bundles” that need to get changed every 2-4 hours, 24 hours a day. While many parents start out really excited to change these first diapers, some parents have a totally different thought in mind- a thought of where that next diaper will come from. In fact, 1 in 3 US families will struggle with providing enough clean, dry diapers for their baby at some point in their diapering years. Some parents will even have to chose between food and diapers, and in turn often re-use soiled diapers or leave baby in a wet diaper for an extended period. Unfortunately, many babies will suffer from infections, diaper rashes, and irritation as a result. And without an adequate supply of diapers, many working moms are unable to take their children to childcare and will lose their jobs, furthering the diaper need issue.


In response to this need, Huggies® launched the Every Little Bottom program to help get diapers to babies in need. Since Every Little Bottom was founded, over 60 million diapers have been donated to babies in need. Every Little Bottom has partnered with local and national organizations to help build awareness and distribute diapers, and became the founding sponsor of the newly developed National Diaper Bank Network– first national non-profit dedicated to fighting diaper need.


With Diaper Need Awareness Week upon us, we wanted to bring your awareness to this reality for many families. Fourteen states have taken notice of this growing problem and have issued official proclamations in support of Diaper Need Awareness Week. In honor of this, Huggies is donating diapers to babies in need for every use of the hashtag #DiaperNeed.

Click HERE to tweet and spread the word and tweet about diaper need.


You can also get involved personally with helping to eliminate diaper need in different ways. Communities can partner with the National Diaper Bank Network to hold local diaper drives, donate money or diapers, or even create a local diaper bank, and you can also donate your Huggies Rewards points online at Be sure to remember to spread the word about #DiaperNeed by using the hashtag during Diaper Need Awareness Week of September 8-14th!


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7 Responses to Help Eliminate #DiaperNeed with Huggies & the National Diaper Bank Network

  1. I am glad diaper days at home is over, it can be so expensive! Huggies was the main brand I used for my kids.

  2. Amy G says:

    Buying diapers is expensive. I made sure to use coupons and deals when I could. I also used cloth diapers half to most of the time. Made a big difference not to have to buy as much.

  3. Melissa Smith says:

    That’s so tough when you have to choose like that. I’m so glad Huggies is taking the initiative to help those that need it.

  4. Kathy says:

    That’s great to hear that Huggies is donating. I’ll make sure to do a post and use the hashtag! Diapers can be so expensive. I’m glad my kids are no longer in diapers.

  5. I already promoted for people to tweet and I don’t even use sposies (except if away from home more than 3 days!!)

  6. Alexandra Young says:

    I think that it is great that Huggies is sponsoring and donating to a good cause. Diapers can be so expensive so any help for needy families is amazing.

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