Introducing the Joovy Too Qool – The Qoolest Double Stroller

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When people realize my kiddos all have two year age gaps between them I get all sorts of crazy comments, but I absolutely love the spacing we have chose.  Just a few reasons include they have built-in playmates that they get along with the majority of the time and clothing can be passed down before it goes out of style.  Then there are other things that sometimes can be a little tough with them all so close together in age.  For example taking them all out in public by myself for activities like going to the zoo or even a walk to the ice cream stand.  For these outings a double stroller is an absolute must.  The problem is most double strollers are ridiculously bulky and not ideal for places with large crowds or narrow aisles.  And that is why I am so excited to share my thoughts on the Joovy Too Qool.

Now I’m not one who can let a piece of baby gear sit in the box for very long and so when the Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller arrived I had that baby opened within minutes, hehe.  I was very pleased to see that there were very few pieces to put together and what did have to be assembled simply clicked together.  Even better the instructions were all diagrams which made the assembly process a snap.


Approximately eight or so minutes later the Joovy Too Qool was assembled and ready to roll!  I was immediately impressed with how lightweight the stroller was at 36.5 pounds thanks to the aluminum frame which makes it unbelievably easy to steer and maneuver even in the tightest of spots.


Before I go any further let me start off by saying the one thing I love the most about this stroller.  The fact that it is a double stroller, but takes up no more space than a single stroller with the clever placement of the rear seat.  Each seat can accommodate a child up to 55 pounds so even my 6 year old can still grab a seat if she’s really worn out.  Speaking of tired out kiddos each seat has a multi-position recline (3 position front seat & 2 position rear seat) as well as a 3 position adjustable footrest on the front seat.  There are minimum age requirements for each seat with the front being 3+ months and the rear 6+ months.  However, the Joovy Too Qool can be used from birth with the bassinet or infant car seat adapters which are sold separately. 

One of the biggest questions about this seat configuration is if the child in the rear seat gets upset from having a seat directly in front of them and in our case that is the furthest from the truth.  My four year old currently prefers to ride in the rear seat because it is very easy for her to get in and out herself.  Plus all she has to do is turn her head to be able to see what is going on around her.  And in all honesty sometimes kids just like to feel snug and secure in their own little spot.  The one and only thing I was concerned about with this seat configuration was that the child in the back would be so close to the rear wheels and I worried about them trying to touch them while moving.  Of course that must have already been on Joovy’s mind because there are convenient guards that are directly above the top of the rear wheels to protect little fingers from reaching out, but for an added piece of mind I simply choose to put an older child in the rear seat that understands to keep their hands inside.

A huge perk of the Joovy Too Qool double stroller is that with the easy removal of the rear seat it is instantly transformed into a single stroller.  I have tried several other strollers where you can remove one seat, but the stroller just ends up looking like a double stroller with a missing seat.  With the Joovy Too Qool you would never realize there was originally another seat there in the first place.


And not only that, but the front seat can face forward or with one easy step can be reversed so your little one can ride in style facing mom or dad.  Even at two years old when using the Joovy Too Qool as a single stroller with Willow I still turn the seat to face me.  She seems to like this best because she can still see what is going around her, but also see mama at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Another feature I have always loved about Joovy strollers is their big canopies which provide lots of sun protection for our little one’s delicate skin.  The Joovy Too Qool takes the oversized canopy to a whole new level with the front seat canopy offering a zippered extension for even more coverage!  Plus there is a convenient sunroof window so mama can peak in on baby while strolling along.


The Joovy Too Qool also boasts an adjustable handlebar which is covered in hand-stitched glove leatherette for added comfort and a great grip.  It adjusts from 40.5” to 42.25” which is great for parents of different heights…. which is pretty much everyone!  My hubby is quite a bit taller than me so I love this option so with a quick adjustment we both are comfortable pushing the Joovy Too Qool.


This stroller is definitely designed for real world use and I can say we’ve tried it out in just about every configuration possible on all different terrains.  The four-wheel cantilevered suspension system paired with sealed bearing wheels ensures that your little ones will have a smooth ride so when they fall asleep they will stay asleep!  Plus with a simple push of a button the front wheels can lock in place making navigating on off road terrain or slanted pavement a breeze.  Joovy also knows that kids are messy…. seriously, somehow even if you just wiped their hands they will still be sticky – I don’t know how it’s possible.  But in any case this is no worries with the Joovy Too Qool because it has super soft comfy neoprene seat pads which can be removed and tossed in the washing machine.  Now you won’t have to cringe handing your little munchkin an ice cream cone or seeing that inevitable baby spit up occur.


When the day is done and it’s time to pack up the stroller you will be super happy with the Too Qool’s compact fold.  The stroller can be folded with the front seat either forward or rear facing, but the rear seat does need to be removed – don’t worry that is super simple and literally takes a second!  When removed the seats fold in half very flat so they barely take up any space in the car.  For an even more compact fold you can remove both seats and even the wheels too – though I think it is very compact as shown below.


If you’re ready to be the qoolest parent on the block look no further than the Joovy Too Qool.  I’m absolutely in love with our hot pink color choice… after all we are a house of all girls, except for hubby, hehe.  But if pink isn’t your color there’s nothing to worry about because the Too Qool is available in 10 gorgeous colors!


Be sure to check out the Joovy website to learn even more about this amazing stroller as well as the single version which is simply “Qool” too!


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13 Responses to Introducing the Joovy Too Qool – The Qoolest Double Stroller

  1. Jenilee says:

    Awesome! I NEED a good double stroller. I love the washable seat feature! Did you find that your knees were hitting the rear seat at all? I think that would be my only concern is the room for ME.

  2. kristin says:

    That looks like a great stroller. Big enough to tote around two kiddos but still easy to push. Willow is too cute too!

  3. I’m so glad to see all these pictures because I’ve been really curious about this stroller. I LOVE all the colors and I like that handle adjustment too. I’m SO much shorter than Mike, we need that.

  4. Oh my gosh! It’s adorable!! I love it!

  5. Melissa Smith says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cool double stroller! Actually, I know I haven’t. This would definitely come in handy for those long trips to the Cleveland Zoo when my son (second oldest) gets worn out too.

  6. I have never seen such a cleverly designed double stroller. It even looks so portable! Thanks for the amazingly thorough review!

  7. It’s very cool how you can put your slightly older kids in there as well. Makes it a little more lasting!

  8. Sarah L says:

    40 years ago there were only about 2 kinds of strollers. This is the best double stroller I’ve ever seen.

  9. That looks very heavy duty and I love the color!

  10. This is amazing looking! Definitely something to consider when we plan on adding #2 to the family!

  11. Kristal says:

    That’s actually a pretty cool stroller. I only have one sibling that’s actually young enough for a stroller at the moment, and trust me, we really don’t need anymore in my household. If only my mom had heard about this earlier. 🙂

  12. Chrissy says:

    Double strollers are such a genius invention and this one is super cute! Looks like she’s loving it 🙂

  13. Nicole Dz says:

    Wow this is pretty amazing, thumbs up for a great design! I love everything about this stroller. And what a clever way to put the second seat, in the rear of the stroller. Love the oversized canopy and that the seats have a multi-position recline. Very cool! Stroller of the year for sure!

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