10 Tips For a Smart Home from Direct Energy

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Thank you to Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s post.

I literally cringe every time the gas and electric bills arrive in the mail.  It seems that each month they just climb higher and higher.  For this reason I am really reconsidering switching from our current energy providers to Direct Energy – one of the largest home services and energy providers in North America.  At Direct Energy they are committed to helping their customers build a smarter home which in turn cuts down on their energy usage – saving the customer time and making their lives easier.

Check out these great tips Direct Energy has to make your home smarter and more convenient…

1. Install a smart thermostat, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Smart thermostats offer you climate control, the convenience of programming away from home, and more.


2. Your living room typically has multiple active light sources available. Make sure your lighting is energy efficient by switching traditional bulbs to CFLs or LEDs.

3. Replace your old, inefficient appliances with new, efficient, Energy Star® appliances. Old appliances tend to run inefficiently.

4. Replace the showerhead in your bathroom(s) with low flow showerheads.  These showerheads regulate the flow of water, assuring you a more efficient shower.

5. Make sure you have a strong Wi-fi signal from your smart thermostat and smart devices. Because you can remotely control your smart thermostat via the internet, periodically check the signal strength in the network settings on the thermostat’s control screen.

6. Installing light dimmers can save cut your electricity use 40% over time and make your light bulbs last 20 times longer.

7. Use an automated pet food and water dispensing system so you don’t have to worry about feeding your pets if you happen to be away from home for longer than you had intended.

8. Planting trees in optimal spots on your property will provide shade during the warmer months making your system work less hard to cool your home down.

9. Even when your appliances are turned off, they are still using electricity. Use smart power strips to combat energy vampires.


10. Use a smart sprinkler to control your sprinkler system from your smart phone. They adjust setting based on weather and time of day so you don’t have to.

Right now Direct Energy is offering the opportunity for anyone to learn more about creating a smarter home by visiting their Facebook page. Plus if you are a resident of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, or D.C. be sure to enter the Direct Energy sweepstakes where 5 lucky winners will have the chance to win Nest Learning Thermostats!  The giveaway will take place now through Wednesday, October 22nd with winners being selected in Mid-November.  To enter simply fill out the entry form – it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Also be sure to explore Direct Energy’s Comfort & Control Plans which are 24 or 36 month plans that offer fixed rate price stability, and a Nest Learning Thermostat (a $249 value) at no cost to you.

How are you working to make your home more energy efficient? I’d love to hear your tips so I can make even more changes and hopefully lower those bills even more!

Thank you to Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s post.

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11 Responses to 10 Tips For a Smart Home from Direct Energy

  1. I about died at the August bill for electric, highest I have ever seen or dealt with other than the year we had a cruddy A/C in another rental. Right now all we can do is love on our trees to provide shade and turn things off or unplug. Once we buy we are certainly making sure more things are energy efficient!

  2. During the summertime, we crack our windows a little bit open during night time when the temperature is a bit cooler. The A/C doesn’t run much and the fresh air is good for the health as well.

  3. Kathy says:

    I make sure to shut off all lights when they’re not in use. Also using energy efficient light bulbs. Turn the heat down or a/c when you’re not home.

  4. Nicole says:

    We try to keep lights off in rooms we aren’t in and turn the ac up when we leave the house (nothing crazy just a couple degrees).

  5. Melissa Smith says:

    We have a very old house so I wonder if we’d be able to use one of those Nest Thermostats. Until then, I’m still holding off turning the heat on & running the EdenPure heater in whatever room we’re in. Our electric costs less than gas, so I’ll deal with it until it’s just too cold. Also, I bake a lot in the winter so that helps to heat the house. & my scented candles that I must have, LOL.

  6. Mikel says:

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