Learning Through Cooperative Games with Stack Up! {Giveaway}

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Since we received our first game last year from Peaceable Kingdom, our whole family has changed the way we play games. We have discovered cooperative games for both our kids and our family, and we’ve really enjoyed the notion of working together as a team. For the boys, we’ve especially loved the concepts of sharing, working together, and encouraging each other that they have learned to embrace through game playing. So I was really excited this year to work with Peaceable Kingdom again on a new cooperative game for the boys- Stack Up!

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack Up

Stack Up is a game geared toward all of my boys’ ages (3-5 years), and even has a way too include smaller kids with simple stacking and color matching on the back of the board. When we opened the package the boys were excited to play right away because they are huge fans of Feed the Woozle, and recognized the similar style from just the box. The set up was quite simple with only 12 blocks, 2 stack sticks, challenge cards, a spinner, the stack smasher, and the board game.

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack Up

The goal of the game is to stack all 12 blocks without them toppling over- if they accomplish the goal, all kids win at once. The game itself is fairly straightforward; taking turns, the player spins the spinner, and then stacks that color block in the center. If they land on a Stack Smasher, they move the Stack Smasher forward one space. If they land on the challenge space, they get to draw a challenge card and complete a silly stacking challenge with a partner. If the blocks topple over or if the Stack Smasher gets to the center, everyone loses. I knew this game would be perfect for the boys because they love to stack EVERYTHING- like blocks, cups, really breakable items… hehe!

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack Up

Just like Feed the Woozle, Stack Up can be played by kids of different ages at the same time according to their age level and skill set. For Reese’s age (3 years), he just uses his hands to stack one at a time. For a challenge, he stacks two blocks together, and then places those on top of the larger stack. For Aiden’s age (4 years), he uses the wooden ends of the sticks and places them in the block to move the block to the stack. He really loved doing the motion of picking up the blocks by inserting the sticks, and kept telling me that it was “just like using chopsticks!” For Aiden’s challenge, he had to use a partner and stack a block together while doing something silly like sing “Happy Birthday”. They thought this was tons of fun and loved the silly part (and also secretly loved when the blocks fell!). I love Aiden’s face in the picture below when his stack fell for the first time!

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack UpPeaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack Up

The first time we played Stack Up, the game lasted about 15 minutes, and right around 10 minutes after that when the boys had the concept down. They love the stacking motion, and we’ve been reviewing colors and counting as we placed blocks on top of each other. I was totally impressed when we won the game by stacking all 12, and Reese could completely count 1-12 while pointing out the blocks. Even Ezra got to play a little by matching the colors on the blocks with the different colors on the back of the board.

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games Stack Up

We’re really happy with Stack Up for game night and learning with the boys, just as we have been with Feed the Woozle and all of the other products offered by Peaceable Kingdom. And lucky for us, Peaceable Kingdom is offering a giveaway for one of our lucky readers to win a Stack Up cooperative game of their own! But first, be sure to check out all of Peaceable Kingdom’s products, including cooperative games, birthday cards, diaries, stickers, and even really creative Valentine’s! Then, use the widget below to enter…


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3 Responses to Learning Through Cooperative Games with Stack Up! {Giveaway}

  1. Erin Ellis says:

    I think these games are fantastic, and I would love to win for my girls because I know they could really benefit from it. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  2. Joy N says:

    we were just talking with our kids about adding family game night to our schedule

  3. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Uumm I don’t see a widget!? But this game looks like something we would all like to play!