Funding Creative Education through Apparel with Schoola

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Throughout high school I was pretty active in extracurricular activities, especially things that pertained to the different arts. I (somewhat embarrassingly) was in a girls show choir, musicals, art, Spanish, volleyball, and everything in between. When I look back on high school, it’s these activities that made my school experience more than just a great experience, but a really fun one with some very special memories. And now that Aiden is going to be starting kindergarten next year in that very same school, I can only hope that his time there will be just as much fun with plenty of activities to add to his academic core. Unfortunately though, that is not the case in many schools around the county. With decreased budgets and increased demands, schools have to make significant budget cuts, often starting with the non-essential activities like music, foreign language, and physical education classes. But one parent and former school Principal, Stacey Boyd, from San Francisco, CA, found a way to raise money for school programs that foster children’s creativity. She created Schoola, where parents can donate their children’s gently used and pre-loved clothes to an online store with a portion of the sale donated to the school of their choice. Since Aiden seems to be growing by leaps and bounds lately, I knew we would be needing the next size up in clothing for him, so we decided to try out Schoola and see what we could find! (We weren’t disappointed!)


For just over $20, we were able to grab 4 nice clothing items in his next size up at way less than department store prices. Not only were these nice gently used clothes, they were name brand too- names like Nike, Gap Kids, Gymboree, Land’s End, Polo and Old Navy. The awesome thing was that my purchase didn’t just go to buy really nice used clothes, but 40% of the sale went to schools around the country to fund those really important, yet diminishing, programs like art, music, and physical education. In fact, over 300 schools all across the US have received proceeds from clothes just like these through Schoola. My small order alone donated $8.26!


We were really happy with the quality of the items we received, and made it easy to choose the items we wanted. Just like any other online store, the items were categorized by gender, age, size, and type of garment. Then, each item was individually photographed and in depth description of the quality and condition was available. Aiden helped us pick out his items, and was so excited when they came in.


(PS- they’re a little big… and they’re supposed to be!)


I know you’re already wanting to shop on, but I have a few more things to tell you first! Not only can you buy from Schoola, but you can donate your kiddos’ clothes as well, and you get to choose which school the proceeds of your sale will go to (so we picked our local preschool that Aiden currently attends because they do a fantastic job and we love them!). You simply sign up to have a postage paid bag sent to you, fill it with clothes, and then return it. And if you’re really serious about raising money for your school, you can set up a fundraising clothing drive for your school and spread the word to let other parents (and your school) know about what Schoola can do for them!


Just one more thing before you go shop… Happenings of the Harper Household readers get 25% off your order by simply entering TRYSCHOOLA at checkout.

Now, finally, go shop and raise money!


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2 Responses to Funding Creative Education through Apparel with Schoola

  1. Mami2jcn says:

    What a great idea!

  2. Beth R says:

    I love that by getting stuff you need you can also support schools. What a great program!

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