Simple Updates for a Modern Bathroom Designed to Sell

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We have discovered that our family is quickly outgrowing our little starter home that once seemed so big for us. But throughout this process, we’ve learned that selling a home can be a pretty big task, especially since we’re hoping to get a good value out of it to go toward the purchase of our next home. We’ve been preparing our house to sell next summer, one little step at a time to help curtail that seller anxiety. And now that the major updates have been all done- like new carpet, a new roof, and fresh paint in all of the rooms- we’ve started to move on to the smaller areas like improvements to the bathroom and kitchen. We decided to start with the bathroom since we can get it done the fastest. We have just a single, relatively small bathroom without a lot of character, so we’ve tried to add some touches that really give it that updated, modern, but homey feel that many people are looking for in a new home. Especially since we only have one bathroom, we feel we really need to sell it well!


One of our easiest improvements has been switching all of the factory standard gold handles and accessories over to chrome or brushed silver. With just a few new items like new cabinet handles, a toilet paper holder, and a towel bar, we have went from an older, fake-gold adorned small space to a more reflective and modern silver space with cleaner lines.


Plus, a simple and inexpensive clock in brushed silver continues the theme of modern and clean lines on the wall behind the vanity.


With the simple silvers, I knew I needed a piece of art that could help tie in our black floor and burnt orange walls, all while adding a bit of that homey feel that I know I will be looking for in my next home. I was so excited when I found this art piece on clearance one day! We had the perfect spot on a blank wall just to the side of our door, where it helped fill the empty space without clutter.


For our very last update, we’re been on the lookout for a nice, yet small and somewhat simple new bathroom faucets for the sink that would accent the silver and chrome theme, but continue with the clean lines we’ve started to create. This chrome 2 handle Antioch Faucet by Danze that we found is going to be PERFECT for the look we’re going for!


I’m so excited to get everything installed and have the look come together from the handles to the art to the faucet, and then of course, to sell our house! I really think that all the updates, and especially the new Danze faucet will help us with our goal and really show new buyers how beautiful our small home can be. Now on to tackle the kitchen… well, that’s another day and another blog post… In the meantime, be sure to check out for some truly beautiful products for all of your bathroom and kitchen needs!


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  1. Mami2jcn says:

    We’re going to be selling our house soon, too. I’m nervous about all the updates that may be necessary.

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