Creating Personalized Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole

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We have lots of traditions for Christmas and the holidays around our house, and I shared a new one we started last year with you- a personalized video message direct from Santa for the boys. Well, I’m excited to share about Portable North Pole again with you this year, with even more Christmas magic for children and families than they had last year! There’s all kinds of fun to be had this holiday season- from video messages, phone calls, and games, to behind the scenes photos of Santa’s workshop and the reindeer’s stables.


Just as with our own family, Portable North Pole is becoming a yearly tradition for many families around the world. With tons of free and customizable products, it’s quickly becoming a way for families to bond through technology, and can especially be helpful for those family members that have to spend the holidays apart. Plus, this year, Portable North Pole is offering their “Santa Sprint” game completely free for your tech-savvy kiddos.


By visiting, young children can get an inside look at the happenings of the North Pole by seeing the beautiful ice sculptures, peeking inside Santa’s workshops, checking out the reindeer stables, and of course, watching the elves pedal the Verdict Machine to see if you are on the naughty or nice list! My boys are big fans of the photos, and they love the Elf Stories section, where they can read mini-stories about the elves and the mischief they get into at the North Pole. Plus, there are coloring pictures to print out this year to continue the fun during our schoolwork time.

But the boys’ very favorite part of what Portable North Pole has to offer are their customized video messages and phone calls. Parents everywhere can simply log in to and start creating personalized video messages and phone calls from Santa for you and your family (they even have a cheeky option for you to share with adults!). A few different free phone call options are available, and the boys have grown to look forward to their Christmas Eve phone call tradition!


Videos include a variety of items specific to your child- including photos, special toys on their Christmas list, things they could work on to get them on the “nice list”, and lots of other fun details. The Portable North Pole videos are so much fun that they will hit the milestone of over 100 million personalized Santa video messages created in 2014. Check out our Santa video message for Aiden this year!

There are 3 PNP Video Message options available for you to chose from:

1. Free video available online or as a downloadable app

2. Premium Video that’s significantly more personalized than the free version, is longer, and has 3 different storylines and unlimited mobile viewing (this is great for families like ours with more than one child wanting to view their video)- $4

3. Holiday pass where you get unlimited Premium Videos and Santa Calls, and unlimited download options (this is the best value and perfect for large families)- $9.99


The last great thing about Portable North Pole is how they give back to children in your community. They donate 5% of all of their sales to children’s hospitals in the region of the purchaser (I love this part… knowing that my purchase is going to help kids near me is incredible!). Last year alone they pledged $75,000 to hospitals, and hope to exceed that number this year by the sale of their amazing products.


There are tons of free products and fun to be had, but if you choose to purchase any of the premium products from Portable North Pole, be sure to use the code BLG20BKP at checkout for 20% off! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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9 Responses to Creating Personalized Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole

  1. Emily says:

    I should really try this with my son. I think he’d love it and maybe help remind him to behave a little better! 😉

  2. Jessica S says:

    This looks interesting;I will have to file it away for next year when my little one is a little bigger.

  3. My kids love getting calls from Santa, the PNP is a great thing for kids.

  4. Amanda A says:

    I did the PNP a few years ago with my girls and they got such a kick out of their name coming from Santa. It is a lot of fun!!

  5. Melissa says:

    This is SO cool! I must do this with my kids!

  6. Ha! My boys are going to love this!

  7. Omgosh, this is too cute! I hadn’t heard of this before – my kids would love it!

  8. Jack says:

    I am 10 years old santa I want a ipad

  9. sayed says:

    I am 10 years old please can you send me a ipad thank you
    59 byron road Wembley ha03pb

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