Join Walmart & Pampers in Donating to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals {Plus $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway}

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Thank you to P&G for sponsoring todays post.

While most days my job as nurse brings out lots of happy and life affirming moments, there are unfortunate times when I see children that are sick, hurting, and very unwell. What’s very interesting to me is that 1 in 10 sick children are treated in a network of hospitals that are part of the Children’s Miracle Network. In fact, one of my own children has been treated at CMN hospitals a few hours from us, and they have made a huge impact in our life!

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Every day, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat 16,000 children in emergency rooms, and every hour, they provide surgery for 97 children. Member hospitals in the U.S. alone have provided $3.4 in charity care for these children since 2012. Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IN, (just an hour from me!) is a such member hospital that has had a powerful impact on the community through treating each individual child. One special Miracle Child, Riley, knows firsthand how important Children’s Miracle Network is.


Arriving three and a half months before her due date, Riley must have known she had important work to do in this world and was eager to get started.

Weighing a mere 1 pound 10 ounces, Riley’s future was uncertain from the beginning. Her parents had to wait an excruciating three weeks before they could hold their daughter for the first time. After heart surgery and 90 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, baby Riley was finally able to go home.

Today, Riley is living a full and healthy life. But she hasn’t forgotten the hospital that made it all possible — and even inspired her name. To show her appreciation, Riley has shared her story at 120 Dance Marathon events, inspiring local students to raise needed funds for her hospital, including support for the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center, pediatric cancer research and a program that helps relieve and prevent patient suffering. She loves giving other kids the chance to get better.


To help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with their incredible mission, Walmart and Pampers have teamed up this June and have pledged to donate $200,000 to these amazing hospitals. Through the purchase of Pampers at Walmart, sick, ailing, and premature children just like Riley’s lives can be changed and improved in incredible ways. In fact, your support helps provide 32 million patient visits for 10 million kids every year!


Here’s what you can do to be part of this awesome donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals:

1. Purchase Pampers from your local Walmart
2. Go here to see other ways you can contribute with Walmart and make your own donation
3. Share your personal journey with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Also, be sure to enter below for a $25 Walmart gift card to help spread the awareness of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and be part of Walmart and Pampers’ $200,000 donation!

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring todays post.

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58 Responses to Join Walmart & Pampers in Donating to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals {Plus $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway}

  1. Patricia says:

    I do not have a direct connection, but through friends.

  2. Dawn Keenan says:

    I don’t know anyone personally helped by the Children’s Miracle Network, but I am comforted knowing that there are amazing places that can help our kiddos.

  3. Rebecca Orr says:

    Fortunately, no. But we donate at our local Walmart when we can.

  4. Melanie Montgomery says:

    No, not yet in our lives. I’ve sure we’ve come into contact with a former patient without even realizing it.

  5. Sarah Hall says:

    No, I do not have any personal experience with CMN but I know they do great things for the children.

  6. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    We donate to them all the time. They do a lot of great things for a lot of family’s.

  7. Rebecca Kellerman says:

    I do not know anyone who has had a personal experience with CMNH.

  8. Serge B says:

    I do not know anyone, but it looks like they do great work for children!

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