Super Genius Makes Summer Learning Fun {Giveaway}

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After home schooling Reese for preschool last year, I can honestly say I’m just as tired of school work as Reese is.  However, I really wanted a way to keep the boys thinking, writing, and reading throughout the summer without doing the same thing we have been doing.  The summer reading program at our library has really helped with vocabulary and exposure to different books (hello, prize incentives!), but I needed something different to keep them thinking… something easy, portable, and fun for the boys to do.  Of course they love games, so something that mixed learning and playing would definitely be a plus too.  Then we found the brand new Super Genius games, which fit the bill perfectly!


Super Genius is an education series of games in a flash-card style, without the traditional flash-card feel.  Each set has a different focus area and age range, and each has multiple games that can be played with one deck.  It includes multiple game rule cards, word, picture, number, or equation cards, and picture translation cards, each in its individual box.  Plus, you can chose from themes like First Words, Reading, Addition, and Multiplication, each geared to a specific age group.
We spent quite a bit of time going through the different sets and reading about the different games you can play with each set.  We started with the First Words set for ages 5 and up, and played a few different games.  Although most of the words were still too a bit advanced for Aiden, we used techniques he learned in school this year to sound them out and then match the words with the pictures.  Reese soon caught on, and actually started to learn the concept of sight words along with Aiden.  They loved one of the cooperative games where they got to play together to match words with pictures to clear an entire board.
But here’s the really catchy part that I haven’t seen with any other learning games of its kind… no matter what 2 cards you chose out of the deck, there is always one and only one match to any other random card you choose.   So if you draw a picture card and a word card, only one word will match a picture on the other card.  Trade one of those cards in, and again, you will only have one match.  My husband and I were completely blown away with exactly how they did it, but it even makes the games really fun for adults, definitely earning their name of Super Genius!


As we play more and more, I can see the games we are currently playing getting easier, and Aiden wanting to advance to the harder games within each set.  Once he gets really familiar with them, I’m excited to try the speed games and challenge him to beat me, hehe!  We also tried out the Addition set for ages 7 and up, and Aiden absolutely loved trying to count and add, all while knowing there was only one match on any separate card.  I look forward to working through all of the different sets as he starts learning even more this coming school year.


With a price point around $13 and a relatively small size, Super Genius games make perfect gifts, whether it be as a stocking stuffer, birthday gift, back to school gift, or even a pre-k or kindergarten graduation gift.  Plus, one of our readers will also win a complete set of their own.  Be sure to fill out the info below to enter!
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12 Responses to Super Genius Makes Summer Learning Fun {Giveaway}

  1. Oooo I so need this for the kids. This would be great for school lessons.

  2. I remember flash cards from when I was young. Wow they sure have come a long way and changed a lot since then!

  3. Scott says:

    That looks like a really neat learning tool. Anytime you can get them to learn during the summer and have them think they are playing – that’s a win in my book.

  4. Sabrina says:

    What a cool giveaway! We love learning games in our house too. Plus anything to get them away from screens is a-ok by me!

  5. rachel cartucci says:

    If I won I think addition would be the first to play with my kiddo.

  6. Sarah L says:

    I would play Beginning Readers First Words because my daughter is getting interested in reading and word formation, so I think this game will be perfect in the not-too-distant future.

  7. Dandi D says:

    I would play the First Words game with my son because he’s just starting to read.

  8. JLin says:

    First Words because I want my daughter to learn

  9. Michelle VanDaley says:

    My son is going into 5th Grade and he really needs help getting quicker on his multiplication facts so we would definitely jump right into that. Most likely follow up with division since they are closely related

  10. Tracy Jones says:

    I would start my son off with the first words.

  11. trixx says:

    First Words would be first since I need to prep my daughter for Pre-K!

  12. Lisa L says:

    I think we’d play Addition first since both my kids need some math help and this makes it fun

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