Colic is Tough. Colief Can Help.

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No matter how many babies you have there is one thing I can promise… they will all be completely different.  What worked to soothe one could completely throw another into hysterics.  Perhaps one falls asleep and stays asleep with ease while another must be rocked and swaddled.  Maybe you breastfed your first three children with absolutely no problems and your fourth child is having trouble gaining weight.  That was me.  I vividly remember taking Lilah to The Breastfeeding Center at one month old to weigh her.  I remember staring at the scale when the numbers appeared not being able to comprehend why she still weighed the same as the day she was discharged from the hospital.

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She nursed all the time.  She appeared to be latching correctly.  She would have milk dribbling out of her mouth when she was done nursing.  She had plenty of wet and dirty diapers.  I just couldn’t figure it out.  After speaking with a lactation consultant and doing a weigh-feed-weigh we discovered that she was not effectively transferring my milk.  And that began the process of pumping and bottle feeding.

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I felt like I was constantly pumping and giving her bottles.  I invested in a hands free pumping bra so that I would be able to multitask a little easier.  This process went on for quite a few months.

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But within days I was seeing improvements.  Her cheeks were filling out, her tummy was getting a little bit of chub, and the numbers on the scale were rising.  Seeing those numbers continue to increase made all of those pumping sessions worth it.  It might not have been the path to breastfeeding that I took with my first three daughters, but we overcame the obstacles and today Lilah is a healthy chubby nine month old.

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Another huge difference I can recall is that my first daughter, Alleigh, was super colicky.  For her first few months of life every evening between roughly 5pm to 8pm she would be inconsolable.  My hubby and I would take turns trying to comfort her, but were rarely successful.  I kept hearing that she would eventually outgrow it and that it was just a phase that newborns go through.  And the truth is she did eventually outgrow it.  But had I known then what I know now we might have been able to prevent it.

Facing the facts one in five infants born in the United States or about one million new babies annually experience colic.  Although every cause of infant colic is not yet understood it is known that 40% of colic cases are caused by temporary lactose intolerance (TLI).  I can’t be certain, but if Alleigh was experiencing TLI then Colief Infant Digestive Aid would have been a lifesaver.

Colief Infant Digestive Aid

Colief Infant Digestive Aid works by greatly reducing the level of lactose in formula or breast milk by breaking it down into glucose and galactose before the baby is fed.  This is definitely a great option to try before radically restricting a breastfeeding mother’s diet or switching to expensive infant formulas.  It is important to note that Colief Infant Digestive Aid works differently from other over the counter colic solutions – it is not given directly to the baby.  Instead the lactase enzyme drops are added to the breast milk or formula before feeding.  As a huge breastfeeding advocate I was concerned that I would need to pump and bottle feed constantly to use this product, but was pleasantly surprised to find that is not the case at all.  Instead hand express a teaspoon of breast milk into a clean container, add 4 drops of Colief, feed to baby on a sterilized spoon, and continue nursing as normal.

Colief is available for purchase online as well as at Walgreens stores nationwide.  To learn more including how to use Colief with formula, pumped breast milk, and much more be sure to visit the Colief Infant Digestive Aid website.  Connect with the brand on Facebook and hear testimonials from real moms that have used Colief to treat their infant’s colic on YouTube.

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Colief® Infant Digestive Aid is a gluten-free dietary supplement for the reduction of colic-associated crying resulting from temporary lactose intolerance (TLI) in infants. Colief Infant Digestive Aid may help reduce the crying time associated with colic by breaking down the lactose in breast milk or infant formula, making it easier for infants to digest. To learn more, visit or LIKE the brand on Facebook.

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. Colief Infant Digestive Aid is a dietary supplement to provide relief due to colic-associated crying from temporary lactose intolerance (TLI). These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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