Keep Your Little One Safe & Warm with Merino Kids Sleep Bags

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The summer months have been so much fun around our house this year.  Sleeping in with the boys has definitely been one of the best parts, but we’ve also had some pretty major changes happen over the break.  Aiden became a kindergartener, our house is now listed for sale, Reese is starting preschool, and Ezra officially moved up from a crib to a toddler bed.  While I’m proud of each one of their accomplishments (and ours… listing and showing a house is some seriously hard work!), all of the changes can really mess with a mother’s emotions!  One of the hardest changes we had to really put a lot of effort into was the transition to Ezra being in a toddler bed.  While some fun things like big boy Mickey Mouse sheets made it a bit more exciting for him, he’s still pretty reluctant to use a blanket of any sort.  Without a blanket, he tends to wake up frequently because his room gets chilly with the air conditioning, and this momma needs to have a child that doesn’t wake up all of the time!  Luckily, we’ve found an amazing solution with a Merino Kids organic cotton baby sleep bag…


We’re no stranger to sleep sacks or bags around our house; in fact, each of our children have been in sleep bags since the day they were born.  We love them because they are a safe alternative to traditional blankets, stay put on the child, and can serve as a comfort to young infants.  However, the Merino Kids sleep bag, while a traditional wearable blanket, had so many features that completely set it apart from the others that we’ve tried.


The first unique thing that I noticed was the snaps on one shoulder and below each armhole.  Also, instead of a zipper centered in the front of the bag, the hidden and comfortable zipper continues from under the arm, down along the side to the center of the bottom.  By unsnapping the shoulder and unzipping the bag, it opens completely flat for easy dressing, with the zipper base at the bottom for easy diaper changes.


The body of the bag is also contoured to fit better on top, with snaps under the arms to prevent any riding up toward the face during the night.  But the biggest difference I’ve seen between the Merino Kids sleep bag and other wearable blankets is the length in the leg portion.  There’s so much room!  In fact, they only come in 2 sizes: 0-2 years or 2-4 years.  We have been testing out the 2-4 year toddler size, and I can definitely tell that the sleep bag will fit Ezra for a very long time to come- making each bag a great long-term investment.


My favorite part of the Merino Kids organic cotton bag is definitely the fabric itself.  The organic cotton is so soft to the touch, consisting of two layers of interlocking pin-stripe fabric that is 100% natural and GOTS-certified organic, grown pesticide-free, and without the use of harmful chemicals.  While being completely breathable, the two layers are also weighted that perfect amount to feel just like one of those blankets you cannot wait to snuggle under.  It’s completely perfect to be cuddly yet cool in the summer (and now I really want to try out one of Merino Kids’ wool bags this winter!).  I’ve decided that they really need to come out with an adult version of this… because I would live in it at home, hehe!


One other very cool feature that has come in incredibly handy as our schedules have adjusted to early morning bus stops is the safety belt aperture.  With an opening perfectly placed in the front and back of the bag, the crotch strap of a carseat can be properly routed and buckled, and because the sack is so thin, I can safely use it with my Diono.  As the weather in the morning has turned cooler, the ability to quickly go from bed to carseat without changing clothes or grabbing a carseat blanket has been so convenient.  I can only imagine how nice it would be with a younger baby!


With all of that said, I’m so in love with this sleep bag!  (Seriously Merino Kids, make me an adult one!)  Just a few tips for successfully using the organic cotton sleep bag that I’ve learned so far are to always machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash, lay it flat to air dry after washing (it takes a while, but worth it!), and keep away from flame as no nasty chemicals were applied.  Easy, right?!  Now just hop on over to the Merino Kids website to see the complete Organic Cotton line, as well as the other high quality sleep products they are known for.  The difference and quality of Merino Kids sets them far above the competition!
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13 Responses to Keep Your Little One Safe & Warm with Merino Kids Sleep Bags

  1. Daisy says:

    Awe, how absolutely precious! These would make a great baby shower gift because they are practical and adorable.

  2. Dawn says:

    Those are so cute! I wish they’d had sleep bags when my son was that age. I would have kept him in it all the time!

  3. Jeanette says:

    I love the idea that you can use this in the carseat. It makes it SOO Much easier to keep them warmer in winter without all the extra bulk that you have to take off and put on each time you go out.

  4. Dawn says:

    These look super neat! What a safer alternative to a blanket.

  5. Aimee Smith says:

    These are really great. I am constantly replacing blankets on my toddler when she kicks them off at night.

  6. This may be one of the most cleverly designed items for the little s ones I have ever seen. I love that it keep them warm but keeps the bulk factor low.

  7. I love sleepers like this! Especially since my babies never stayed under a blanket at night and then always got cold!

  8. Shauna says:

    Oh I love sleep bags. We used them all the time when the kids were younger. This one sounds great

  9. dawn says:

    how cute and cozy. i need one of these for myself. lol

  10. Scarlet says:

    Awww. How cozy. I love the idea of sleep bags.

  11. Kim Logan says:

    I love this idea and wish it was around when my kids were babies. What a great way for a baby to stay covered while they are sleeping. Perfect for the wintertime.

  12. Tammy Roy says:

    I used something similar to this with my kids. I love that the zipper is on the side instead of the front like i had. These make great baby shower gifts.

  13. James Robert says:

    So great and no worries with blankets in a crib, great idea and so nice

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