5 Reasons Moms Love Sam’s Club

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This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the text and opinions are all my own.

Recently I’ve shared some of my shopping trips to Sam’s Club® where I’ve stocked up on the essentials for packing lunches – gotta love back to school time.  And then I realized that I’ve never shared why I love Sam’s Club in the first place.  Why if you don’t have a membership you really need to get one.  Especially if you are a mom.  Even more so if you are a mom of a little one… think diapers, wipes, formula, and more.  And so today I’m going to share 5 reasons why moms like me love Sam’s Club.


1.) The savings start immediately.  For as little as $45 you can became a Sam’s Club member.  But I want to be honest with you… I hesitate to act like $45 is small potatoes.  As a family of six with only one parent working outside the home $45 can go a long way.  But here’s why that $45 is a great investment – upon signing up for a Sam’s Club membership NEW members will receive $80 in exclusive savings on top baby must-haves.  These special offers will load onto your membership card within 14 days of sign-up and you will have up to 180 days to redeem them.  But to get these awesome perks you must sign up by clicking HERE.


2.)  Everyday savings you can count on.  At Sam’s Club you will find larger packages and so the prices may seem higher, but in reality you will be paying less per unit.  Plus when you buy larger boxes of diapers and wipes you won’t find yourself needing to run to the store nearly as often.

3.) The brands you want.  Prefer to stick with leading brands like Huggies diapers and wipes or Desitin to conquer rashes? Sam’s Club has you covered.  And though those leading brands are great I highly encourage you to check out the Member’s Mark products to save even more money without sacrificing quality.  I absolutely love the Member’s Mark Premium Wipes because they are thick with the perfect amount of moisture.  Not to mention at only $17.87 for a box of 1,000 wipes that computes to only 2¢ per unit.

Sams Club Brands

4.)  Shop online at SamsClub.com.  Sometimes the thought of taking all of my kids to the store just doesn’t sound like much fun.  Sometimes I don’t want to go out in the freezing cold… I live in Ohio, winter isn’t far off.  Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of my comfy pajamas.  Sometimes I just want to stay home and cuddle my little one.  And so instead of visiting a Sam’s Club location I can choose to shop from the comfort of my home.  Plus I don’t have to worry about shipping costs thanks to free standard shipping on most diapers, wipes, and formula.

Sams Club Website

5.)  Save time with Club Pickup.  If you want the convenience of ordering online, but don’t want to wait for those items to be shipped then Club Pickup is just what you need.  All you have to do is order online, wait for a text or email notification, then head to Sam’s Club to check in and pick up your order.  This is perfect when I need items quickly but don’t want to spend time going through the store myself.  Plus as an added bonus I’ve found that utilizing the Club Pickup also saves me money because I don’t have the opportunity for impulse purchases while browsing through the aisles.

Sams Club Pickup

For me it’s a no-brainer – Sam’s Club is my go to for saving money and time.  Have I convinced you yet?  If so head over to the Sam’s Club website and sign up for a membership.  It’s $45 that I know you won’t regret spending.

Sam’s Club provides big savings for growing families, join and get $80 in special savings on baby basics.

This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the text and opinions are all my own.

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