Every Woman Deserves a Safe Childbirth

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Cigna Foundation, in partnership with Samahope. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

After the birth of each of my daughter’s I made sure to write their birth story so that I could remember all the little details that may eventually fade from my memories.  Each story is so different and each time something didn’t go exactly according to my plan, but I was blessed to end each story with a beautiful bundle of joy being placed in my arms.


Another similarity among my birth stories is that they all took place in hospitals equipped with all the tools necessary to provide a safe birth for my babies and myself.  It’s something that many take for granted, but I am so thankful to live in the United States.


Here moms-to-be and new moms are fortunate enough to have access to health care for themselves and their babies.  Going to the hospital for the birth of my girls I felt confident that the medical care I needed – big or small – would be available to me.  I also knew that everything would take place in a safe, clean environment.

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Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to the high quality health care that women receive in the United States.  In fact every two minutes a woman dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and birth with 99% of these maternal deaths occurring in developing countries due to lack of facilities and medical care.  Caesarean sections are also very limited in low income countries which leads to risk of perinatal mortality.  If Willow or Lilah had been delivered in one of these countries there is a high chance they wouldn’t be with me today.


Luckily there are some pretty amazing groups working together to help raise awareness and funds to improve maternal health and safe childbirth resources around the world – Samahope and The Cigna Foundation.

If you want to make a difference consider making a donation through Samahope.  Anyone, anywhere can donate to Samahope to directly fund a doctors’ life-changing medical treatments for women and children in need.  One of these amazing doctors is Dr. Darius Maggi who has dedicated his retirement to performing as many fistula repair surgeries as possible.  Obstetric fistula is a debilitating birth complication in which a hole develops in the bladder after a severe or failed childbirth. It is almost never seen in the United States, but occurs frequently in parts of the world without access to adequate healthcare resources like Bo, Sierra Leone.  Once Dr. Maggi reaches his donation goal he will be able to reach 100 more patients!

UntitledPhoto courtesy of Samahope.

The Cigna Foundation has partnered with Samahope because of its focus on helping people overcome barriers to their health and well-being related to factors such as ethnicity, race, gender, age, geography or economics. This year their World of Difference grant given to Samahope is helping to train local nurses and fund doctors in India to provide treatment and surgery for people in need.

Fort_Portal_ClinicPhoto courtesy of Samahope.

But every little bit helps.  What if I told you that by donating only $5 you could save two lives?  Through the 10,000 Lives Campaign Samahope is on a mission to protect the lives of 5,000 babies and 5,000 moms.  And all it takes is $5.  For $5 you can help fund a birth kit that includes sterile tools to enable a Skilled Birth Attendant to protect a mother and baby from life-threatening complications during childbirth.

birth-kit-300pxPhoto courtesy of Samahope.

So far Samahope is halfway to reaching their 10,000 Lives Campaign goal.  Do you have $5 to spare to help a woman safely deliver her baby.  I believe every woman deserves the best medical care and the least I can do is donate $5 to a mom in need.  Join me and help Samahope reach their goal – together we can make a difference!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Cigna Foundation, in partnership with Samahope. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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11 Responses to Every Woman Deserves a Safe Childbirth

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I had a nice private room when I gave birth to each of my boys. It’s sad that all women don’t get that.

  2. Amy says:

    I recently watched my niece be born this month. I cannot imagine not having access to sterile equipment so this cause is amazing.

  3. Kristi says:

    I had a C-section and our girls were born prematurely. Can not imagine life without them but I know I was a high risk pregnancy, so am thankful for access to great medical staff and hospitals.

  4. Crissy Page says:

    It’s amazing how far a little money can go for people who truly need help. Love this cause.

  5. mya.k says:

    I love this cause so helpful, so good to know that $5 go’s a long way. My mom’s frinds baby boy was born at 23 weeks so i love it even more.

  6. Mistee Dawn says:

    I love this! My childbirth was so rough! I was in labor for three days!

  7. Jenna Wood says:

    It’s pretty astounding the risk some women put themselves in to give birth in some parts of the world. It’s great you realize the blessing of living in the USA and the benefits. This is a great cause to support.

  8. Scarlet says:

    Wow. That is incredible what $5 can do! Thanks for sharing this and I am tweeting it now!

  9. What an awesome cause! My deliveries weren’t the best and I truly believe everyone should have a safe delivery.

  10. Elisabeth says:

    I’m going to deliver in a few weeks and I’m so thankful that I live in the U.S.!

  11. shelly peterson says:

    What a great cause this is. Amazing just what 5.00 can do to help. We are very lucky to have what we do here in the U.S.

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