Our Day at MommyCon Columbus

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When babywearing in my hometown I am usually met with looks like I have two heads.  The glances and questions when people realize I use cloth diapers? Priceless.  Add in the fact that I breastfeed my little ones to the age of two anywhere and everywhere they get hungry without a cover.  To put it simply I feel like I don’t quite fit in most of the time.  And I am totally fine with that because I love the choices I have made for my babies and myself.  But there is an event that takes place in numerous cities across the United States where I can be surrounded by other parents just like me.  Where wearing your baby is the norm.  Where cloth diapers of every color of the rainbow can be found.  Where everyone realizes that breasts were made to feed babies and that there is nothing awkward about it.  Where amber necklaces grace almost every single babies neck.  That place is MommyCon.  And it is my happy place.

A few weeks ago I attended my third MommyCon and I am excited to share some highlights from my day with you.  The first two I attended were in Chicago so I was absolutely stoked when I found out that MommyCon was coming to Columbus, Ohio which is much closer to home for me.  Sunny and her family made the trip from Kokomo, Indiana to attend as well – I just love getting to hang out with her, Maci, and their adorable boys.

MommyCon Photo Opp

Plus a few of my friends from home carpooled with me to Columbus to attend as well.  There are a few other mamas like me in the area, but trust me we’re few and far between.

MommyCon Friends

Upon arriving at MommyCon and getting checked in my first stop was the AppleCheeks table.  If you follow me on Instagram this really should not come as a surprise, hehe.  I was so excited to see the new AppleCheeks Learning Pants in person so that I could check them out.  My three year old, Willow, recently decided she was ready to use the potty and is accident free during the day, but still occasionally wakes up wet in the mornings.  I think the AppleCheeks Learning Pants would be a perfect night time solution for her until she consistently wakes up dry.  Perhaps we can talk the lovely ladies over at AppleCheeks into letting us do a review!

MommyCon AppleCheeks

Next we made our way to the Cloth Diapering 101 seminar presented by Jennifer Labit, CEO and founder of Cotton Babies.  She shared so much wonderful information about all types of cloth diapering products and I even won two bumGenius diapers.  I decided to give them to my beautiful friend, Tae, and her little girl, Charlie, because bumGenius is her go to brand.

MommyCon BumGenius

Between listening to all of the amazing speakers I spent time checking out more than 35 vendors and even made a few purchases.  Lilah was pretty happy about her new Chompy Chic babywearing teether which I made sure to coordinate with my favorite Tula baby carrier.

MommyCon Babywearing

We also spent time visiting the different MommyCon event elements like the Cloth Diaper Resource Center which  contains fifty different cloth diapering products from your favorite (or soon to be favorite) cloth diapering brands. In addition to all the different types of cloth diapers you will also find cloth diapering accessories and detergents.  This is definitely a great place to visit if you are thinking about trying cloth diapering because you can touch, feel, and ask questions about all the different options available in modern cloth diapering.

MommyCon Cloth Diaper Resource Area

I also adore the Beco & Ergobaby Babywearing Lounge.  If you have ever wanted to try out a specific carrier before spending the cash you won’t find a better place.  I firmly believe that not all carriers are one size fits all and with hundreds of carriers to test out, feel, and try on the Babywearing Lounge will allow you to figure out what brand will work best for your body type and your little one.  Plus there are Babywearing International Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE’s) on hand to help you test them out so no worries if you feel absolutely clueless about babywearing.  I’ll be honest I love my soft structured carriers like Tula and Boba, but I’d be lost if you gave me a woven wrap.

MommyCon Babywearing Lounge

Since Sunny brought her little ones along for the day we also got to play at the Little Dippers Craft and Reading Station.  They had a blast finger painting with vegan and eco-friendly art supplies from Wee Can Too and EzPz Fun.  I loved that the Wee Can Too finger paint is veggie based and safe enough to eat so even little ones can get in on the messy fun.

MommyCon Little Dippers

We ended the day eagerly hoping to hear our number called during the giveaways with Jamie Grayson – also known as, The Baby Guy NYC.  Sunny was super lucky and won a 4moms breeze playard!  Before we headed out Lilah got to meet Jamie and I think they pretty much became best friends.

MommyCon The Baby Guy

We had an absolute blast at MommyCon Columbus.  I shared some of the highlights of our day but there was so much more to see and experience that I could write a dozen more posts.  But why not just go experience it for yourself?  I guarantee you will love it and walk away with so much knowledge and a sense of community with other moms and dads who favor the more natural parenting approach.  The 2016 MommyCon locations and dates were recently released with ticket sales beginning October 11th!  Maybe I’ll see you at one next year!


I attended MommyCon Columbus as a member of the Media, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 Responses to Our Day at MommyCon Columbus

  1. Looks like you had a GREAT time at MommyCon! I have never been but would love to go. Hopefully I can make the one in Georgia.

    Lilah looks like she snuggled right up to Jamie :). So sweet!

  2. Jenna Wood says:

    I never knew MommyCon was a traveling event, I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year- it really looks like you got in some great networking! I would have never left the baby wearing lounge with all those stylish carriers!

  3. Mommycon sounds like a very fun event, sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Janet W. says:

    What a fun mommy event to attend! Looks like a really good time!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    I’m due with our first soon and I think I’m about to be that Mom that doesn’t quite fit in as well! 😉

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