Unique European Toys from Magicforest this Christmas

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I’ve been talking about Christmas and shopping a lot lately… probably because I am just so far behind! So it’s definitely on the forefront of my mind as I really try to come up with those fun, unique, and wonderful gifts.  I try hard to not only get my kids toys that they’ll play with, but ones that will last up to some serious use.  And every once in awhile, when I can find that “it” gift, I get that joy that comes with giving another person something really special.  Luckily, I can always seem to find that “it” gift with Magicforest and their vast European collection of art-infused toys.  This year, I found two awesome stocking gifts that will outshine anything else I could have put in there.


For Ezra’s big stocking toy, I selected a Build ‘n’ Go Car from Sevi, Europe’s senior wooden toy maker.  In business for over 184 years, Sevi products are eco-friendly, extremely durable, and kid-safe.


I chose the Build ‘n’ Go Car for not only the things that Sevi is known for, but because I know Ezra will love that it’s a puzzle and toy in one.  The wooden pieces of the car come apart, and allow the child to rebuild it, changing the features or the look of it as they go.  Plus, the top red piece pushes down to “honk” the horn, which I know he’ll love.  I’m also really impressed with the quality and weight of the wood, as well as the durable paint.  I can see this one lasting for years to come!


For Reese, the choice was so obvious for his stocking toy. The boy absolutely loves pirates so I know he’ll be incredibly excited to get the Pirate Ship from OGAS.


Handmade OGAS boats are made from created from managed forests of spruce wood, making them eco-friendly. With keels made of metal, the boats boast cotton sails and water-based, eco-friendly pigments and finishes. All of the rigging and knots are done by hand, and they really sail!  I can guarantee that this little guy will be the favorite new toy, and will get to sail the bathtub daily.  I can’t wait to see Reese’s face when he realizes all of the unique details, but especially the Jolly Roger adorned sail.  Just like I’ve come to expect from all Magicforest imports, the OGAS boat is super high quality and left out no detail too small!

Both of these amazing toys can be instantly purchased from Magicforest’s retailer, Bonjour Petit.  Launched in 2015, Bonjour Petit consists of an online French/American team dedicated to bringing the finest toys from Europe.  Shipping is free when placing an order with them over $75, and they can include gift-wrapping for you. If you’d rather shop local, you can also head over to Magicforest to find a brick and mortar toy store near you.


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11 Responses to Unique European Toys from Magicforest this Christmas

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those toys look really unique. I love that about them. I want to get some for my new nephews.

  2. Brandy says:

    Look at these toys, they really are unique. I love them. I find it interested what other areas in the world may give for gifts!

  3. My kids love toys that no one else has, it makes them feel like they’re special. They’re such classic looking toys to which is great.

  4. Dawn Lopez says:

    The Magicforest toys are really nice! They definitely look well made and one-of-a-kind. This is a great find for all my friends with smaller kids. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth L says:

    I love unique gift ideas and these look like fantastic toys. They would make great gifts for my girs.

  6. Ginger Mommy says:

    I love that the toys are eco friendly. I love that the boat can really sail. Wonderful gift idea.

  7. Melissa says:

    I love wooden toys. These look like such good quality, I know the girls would love them.

  8. Scarlet says:

    Those stockings are too cute! The Build ‘n’ Go Car from Sevi looks like it would be a big hit. So colorful too!

  9. Cristi Comes says:

    I just love that build and go car! My niece is 8 months so this is perfect for her for now and as she gets a little older. Love it.

  10. European gifts tend to be so classic and I love them. The whole line looks wonderful, but that pirate ship is my fave and I bet boys and girls who are into pirates & treasure hunting would love that as a holiday gift.

  11. candice says:

    i love how well made toys like this are. they are great hand me downs for the siblings and great to keep for memory boxes and keepsakes. i’m going to check these out for my one year old.

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