Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend is Nova Approved

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I firmly believe that pets are family and my two furry children mean the world to me.  I do everything I can to ensure that they live the longest, healthiest life possible.  One of the most important things is selecting a high quality food that they not only love to eat, but that is also good for them.  For both our cat and dog Purina has always been my number one choice for pet food.  Our cat, Nova, is getting a little older and it was time to make the switch from her Purina Kitten Chow to an adult blend cat food.  Recently we received a bag of Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend for Nova to taste test.

Purina Pro Plan Bag

Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend is made with 40% protein to meet a cat’s unique nutritional needs and is available in a salmon and rice formula as well as chicken and rice formula which is what Nova received.  In both varieties salmon or chicken is the number one ingredient.  Plus every ingredient is specifically chosen to serve a purpose in providing extraordinary nutrition and exceptional taste.  Vitamin A and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, provide a healthy skin and coat while natural prebiotic fiber, sourced from chicory root, helps promote digestive health.  Not to mention the crunchy kibble and tender meaty pieces which create a mealtime experience that drives cats wild.

Purina Pro Plan Opened Bag

Curious to find out what Nova thought?  Cat’s can be finicky little creatures of habit and so I will admit that she didn’t seem very amused when originally presented with her new food.  I began by mixing it in with her Purina Kitten Chow to get her used to the idea and slowly worked to increase the amount of Purina Plo Plan Shredded Blend until the Kitten Chow was eliminated from her meals.

Nova eating Purina Pro Plan

It didn’t take long at all and Nova began showing her same normal excitement for meal time as before.  In fact she might look forward to it a little bit more now.  Especially the tender meaty pieces!

Nova Licking Lips

Do you have an adult cat who deserves the very best food?  Then I highly suggest giving Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend a try – Nova thinks you should too!  And you don’t have to just take our word for it.  Check out the Purina Pro Plan website to see what lots of other cat owners are saying about Shredded Blend.

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4 Responses to Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend is Nova Approved

  1. Nova is adorable! My cat Taz loves Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend too!

  2. Nova is such a pretty kitty. Our two little cuties, Jinx and Josie, are definitely part of the family too, and they love their Purina Pro Plan! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  3. Brandy says:

    This looks like a great brand of food for pets! Your kitty is adorable too. I love seeing happy pets!

  4. Shirley Wood says:

    Nova is beautiful. My cats love it and are now refusing to eat their ‘old’ food! I’ll intentionally put their old food in one side of the dish and they won’t eat it. I guess they are now @Proplancats

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