Introducing MY LuLaRoe Consultant – Molly Z

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Over the past several months I have noticed more and more pictures of brightly colored leggings, skirts, dresses, and tops filling my social media feeds.  At first I simply scrolled past them because clothes just weren’t my thing.  I was also at a rough place in my life having been recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and so I began making drastic lifestyle changes.  As my health began improving and my body started feeling better I was also losing quite a bit of weight.  These changes led me to be a little more interested in clothing.  Since I am all about comfort – I am chasing four kids around after all – I decided to give a pair of LuLaRoe leggings a try.  As soon as I slid my legs into that buttery soft goodness I knew there was no turning back.  Soon I had numerous packages on their way filled with dresses, tops, and more!  As each package arrived and I tried all my super cute outfits on the only regret I had was not giving LuLaRoe a try sooner.  These pieces look amazing on every woman regardless of shape or size.

LuLaRoe Collage

And so I found myself scouring Facebook in search of my unicorns.  That’s LuLaRoe speak for that epic piece that you just can’t live without, hehe.  Soon I found myself in so many consultant’s groups I had a hard time keeping everything straight.  And so I decided that I wanted to find one consultant that had everything I wanted.  That had an amazing inventory and the best customer service to back it up.  I found just what I was looking for when I joined LuLaRoe Molly Z’s VIP’s.


The first order I placed with Molly arrived super fast and I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing some of those pieces on Instagram – like my awesome dino leggings.  Of the hundreds of LuLaRoe groups I have browsed through I have to say that Molly Z’s inventory is simply amazing.  She stocks literally thousands of pieces in twenty-four different styles.  Each album gives a detailed description of the style as well as sizing charts and tips for how each piece runs in case you should size up or down.  Her photography is great allowing customers to see exactly what they are purchasing.  Plus if you have a question Molly always answers it in a time manner.

In addition to Molly’s amazing pop-ups what really impresses me about this wife and mother of two who also has a full time career in a school district office is her passion for LuLaRoe.  For Molly this passion runs much deeper than the money she earns, but because of LuLaRoe she has managed to pay her student loans off in full five years early!  This passion is about changing women’s lives through fashion inspired confidence.  I have personally listened to Molly talk about her passion for LuLaRoe while live on Facebook and watched tears fill her eyes.  It is obvious that she not only loves this company that she stands behind, but also all of her customers.

Molly is a truly inspiring woman and it amazes me just how far she has come since the summer of 2015 when she first discovered LuLaRoe.  Prior to that Molly had been a “t-shirt and jeans girl” until she tried on a Julia and, for the first time, felt excited about getting dressed.  She knew she had to share that feeling with everybody she knew which led her to hosting a party where she earned 9 free items.  After that Molly was ready to share her love of LuLaRoe with women everywhere and so she signed on as a consultant in November of 2015.  In her first month she became a sponsor and within 3 short months Molly was promoted to TRAINER level and currently has a team of amazing successful consultants under her who she has personally sponsored.  If being a LuLaRoe consultant is something that interests you I couldn’t imagine a better person to choose as a sponsor.  Molly is more than happy to assist you with time management and support you every step of the way. She encourages those interested to ask her absolutely anything and she won’t hold back when answering.  She also has a Facebook Group for people interested in becoming consultants where you can ask questions and get answers from her as well as the active consultants on her team.  If this is something you’ve been thinking about I definitely suggest shooting Molly an e-mail ( to get the ball rolling.

Are you ready to go shopping?  You’re in luck because tomorrow is the big day.  On Friday, April 22nd at 8PM CDT sharp Molly will begin loading her new inventory.  I’ve heard there are lots of new skirts!  It is Maxi season after all.  There might also be a giveaway happening on the LuLaRoe Molly Z’s VIP’s page where one lucky member will receive a skirt or dress of their choice.  What are you waiting for?  Join the page, get entered, and be ready to shop tomorrow night!


In the coming months I plan to share even more about LuLaRoe with my readers.  There are so many awesome styles and so many different ways to wear and style each one that they each definitely need their own dedicated post.  In the mean time be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see how I am roeing each day!  I hope to see each and every one of you at the release tomorrow night.

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8 Responses to Introducing MY LuLaRoe Consultant – Molly Z

  1. I had no idea they had so many different clothing options. Looks like something for everyone!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I keep hearing all about LuLaroe, but I haven’t given them a try yet. I really think I should, though.

  3. I wonder if my wife has heard about these!! She loves comfy dresses like these! They have beautiful designs!

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I would love a pair of LuLaRoe leggings. They have some great pieces for summer. I will have to check them out. I need to get some new clothes for this spring/summer.

  5. Kathy says:

    I have been hearing a lot about this company lately. I think they have some great clothing too. I really love the leggings! I would love to see if my daughters and I could get matching ones.

  6. Aimee Smith says:

    Oh man, once you start there is no stopping! I have been loving LLR for over a year now! It is all so good.

  7. Crystal says:

    Oh my goodness. I looooove my LuLaRoe. I have to sneak on in and join her groups so I can fuel my addiction.

  8. Christina A. says:

    I love some of these! I have been seeing LuLaRoe everywhere lately!

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