Active Water Fun this Summer with H2OGO!

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This is our first summer in our new house, and the boys are so excited to spend tons of time outdoors.  Before, we lived in the city with a sizeable yard for the neighborhood, but it was shaded and pretty rocky.  Now we sit on almost half an acre with a tulip tree and some pine trees, and flat, beautifully green country lawn.  The boys have already started soaking up the summer sun with their swing set and trampoline, but we had a heat wave last week that demanded something a bit more cool.  We broke out our brand new inflatable water toys from H2OGO! and had a blast staying active and cool outdoors.


H2OGO! by Bestway, Inc includes a fun and budget-friendly inflatable lineup that’s definitely going to keep my kids active and cool all summer long. And when the fun includes water play, my boys are game to play for hours.  Pictured above is the Tether Ball Splash, which includes a 6.5 foot tall inflatable pole with an attached ball that sprays water in multiple directions.  Although the boys truly had no idea how to play real tether ball, they had a blast whipping the ball around to each other and spraying down with the cold water from the garden hose.  It was a fun twist on a classic sprinkler that kept them running and giggling for quite a while.


The H2OGO! Color Wave Pool was a great way for the boys to cool off in between running around the yard and playing tether ball. Holding 147 gallons of water, the pool was plenty big for the three of them to play together at once, and my husband and I are secretly looking forward to lounging in it this summer too!  It has a super sturdy construction with thick side walls, and totally stood up to lots of rough play from the boys without ever buckling or leaking water.  Plus, the Color Wave Pool has a really cool feature- built in LED lights that illuminate the pool in 5 neon colors.  With the Color Wave Pool, the fun from the day can continue right on into the warm summer nights!


The H2OGO! toy that brought me back to my own childhood memories was the Backyard Water Slide.  We used to love running and sliding down the slide, but H2OGO! has made one huge improvement on the water slide of my childhood- an inflatable launch pad that totally eliminates that painful belly flop, and propels you down the 18 foot slide toward the drench pool at the end.


The Backyard Water Slide comes in a single, double, and triple version.  The boys loved the triple version because they all three could have fun side by side (although Aiden was really the only one who understood that it was a water slide, the other two loved racing down and into the pool and sprinklers at the end!).  They’re pretty excited to have friends over this summer and race them down the slide too!

H2OGO! outdoor water toys are available at Toys R’ US,, Big Lots!, Kmart, Walgreens, and  As a huge plus, each item comes with a completely reasonable pricepoint.  The H2OGO! water slides have a suggested retail price of $9.99 for the single slide, $17.99 for the double and $29.99 for the triple; $39.99 for the Color Wave Pool; and $11.89 for the Tether Ball Splash. Be sure to check them out online for more info about each product!


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  1. Diane Sallans says:

    I’d love that color wave pool for myself!

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