Avoid the Oops with Walmart.com

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Avoid the Oops Disclosure

It’s amazing how much toilet paper our family of six goes through on a daily basis.  It seems at least once a day I hear one of my children calling from the bathroom that they need more toilet paper.  I head to the linen closet to grab them a fresh roll, but more times than I would care to admit I realize we are completely out.  I know why this happens.  I see the stock pile dwindling as I replace the rolls day after day.  I make a mental note that I need to buy more toilet paper the next time we are at the store.  But then as I run through Walmart with my four children grabbing milk and bread I completely forget that we needed toilet paper because it’s not on my mind.  That is until a little voice calls out from behind the bathroom door and I find myself peering at an empty linen closet shelf saying “oops.”


Recently I learned that there is a way to avoid the oops.  Never again will I be searching for something to wipe my little one’s behinds with because I have once again run out of toilet paper.  Now when I see the toilet paper supply dwindling instead of making a mental note that will inevitably get lost in my mom brain I will visit Walmart.com.  There I will be able to stock up on all of the P&G essentials that my family uses each and every day.


My order will arrive quickly on my front porch and I’ll be able to replenish my stock pile.  The best part is that orders over $50 ship free and when it comes to stocking up on essentials it is definitely easy to hit that $50 mark.  If you would like to be able to jump on Walmart.com and just order one item at a time as you notice your supply getting low I would definitely recommend the new shipping pass.  For only $49 a year the Walmart shipping pass will give you free unlimited two day shipping with no minimum order required.  Just think of how much time and money you will be saving by receiving Walmart’s every day low prices without ever having to step foot in store!

Box opened

My latest order included Bounty paper towels, Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper, Pampers Sensitive baby wipes, and Swiffer Wet Jet refills.  We should be set on our essentials for a while and I vow to visit Walmart.com to avoid the oops going forward.

So what about you?  Fess up.  I would love to hear one of your “oops” moments so I don’t feel so bad about running out of toilet paper.  Do you always find yourself running out of dishwasher detergent or deodorant?  Leave me a comment so we can embrace these “oops” moments together.

Avoid the Oops Disclosure

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