Splushy – Stuffed Animals for the Pool!

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Summer time has finally arrived which means our family is spending most of our days beside the pool.  We decided to invest in a pool pass and so far have been at the pool at least twice a week.  If we decide to stay home for the day at the very least the kiddie pool gets filled in the backyard.  Basically to us summer fun equals water.  During our time at the pool I have seen quite a few waterlogged stuffed animals tossed to the side which is why I never let my girls take their favorite plush pals anywhere water is present.  But that all changed when we discovered Splushy made by Neat-Oh! International.

Splushy Dry

At first glance Splushy stuffed animals might look like your typical run of the mill plush pal, but what makes them so amazing is what you can’t see.  The same filling that makes them soft and cuddly is also Microban antimicrobial allowing them to dry quickly while resisting mold and mildew.


Now my girls can bring their Splushy pals to the pool and purposefully get them wet.  Plus they float even when completely soaked so you’ll always be able to find them.

Splushy WaterSplushy Water Alleigh

Each Splushy also comes with a removable piece of clothing.  My daughters like to pretend that these outfits are their bathing suits.  After all we can’t have a naked turtle or elephant in the pool, hehe.

Splushy Backyard

There are eight adorable Splushy pals to choose from including Splasher Bear, Stomper Elephant, Hopper Bunny, Jumper Monkey, Chomper the Shark, Clicker the Dolphin, Snapper the Sea Turtle, and Barker the Sea Lion.  At a super affordable price point of $14.99 each I have no problem with my kiddos wanting to collect them all.

Splushy Lilah Backyard

Be sure to visit the Neat-Oh! International website to see all of the adorable Splushy animals.  They can also be purchased at stores including Sears and Kohl’s as well as zoo and aquarium gift shops.


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  1. Diane Sallans says:

    I love this idea that a cuddly friend can go in the water!

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